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The product range of Swiss Life Pension Services is based on the specific requirements of your employee benefits institution. However, the strategic responsibility remains with the Board of Trustees. Our portfolio has a modular structure and enables selective outsourcing. You decide which functions you want to perform yourself and which you would like to delegate to us. Together we will find the ideal solution for your employee benefits institution.

Advisory services and implementation


Risk management

Pension Governance


Examination and safeguarding of financial equilibrium

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Analysis of pension fund’s risks and risk capacity »more

Technical administration

PensionNavigator® »moreFinancing of the risks of disability and death
Pension governance studies
Commercial administration

IFRS / US GAAP / FER reporting and consolidations »more

Asset & Liability Management Study
Analysis of management tasks / responsibilities »moreFoundation accounting

Legal advice / legal opinions »more

PensionNavigator® »moreAnalysis of decision-making processes and organisational processes
Securities accounting
(poss. inc. investment controlling)

Communication concepts »more

Risk analyses and reinsurance concepts

Second opinion studies for companies, pension funds and supervisory authorities

Case management and prevention


Investment Controlling



Our services are designed for:



Taking the right decisions at the right time.

As a manager, your goal is the exemplary management and administration of your pension fund. You are repeatedly faced with complex decisions that can have a long-term impact on the evolution of your pension fund.

Swiss Life Pension Services supports you with comprehensive advice and professional services. Thanks to our broad experience in the systematic analysis of business processes and in the methodical implementation of improvements, you will enjoy sustainable success. We foster a spirit of cooperation and partnership, assist you in the development of your pension fund and promote a culture of open and ongoing communication.

By outsourcing all or part of the operational activities of your pension fund to a professional specialist, you achieve the optimal cost/benefit ratio. Our size along with our ongoing striving towards most efficient administration processes lead to tangible cost savings.


Entrepreneurial management of pension funds - Pension Navigator ® and ALM

Managing a pension fund implies deciding about the future today

Boards of Trustees are responsible for their own pension funds. Long-term security and sustainable planning are therefore a prime concern. Professional and far-sighted management engenders the trust of all stakeholders. Given the ever-increasing complexity of employee benefits, security depends to a large degree on expertise, experience and ongoing monitoring. We support you in this task and contribute to the positive development of each pension fund with the PensionNavigator®.

That is why you set great store by long-term security. You know that the feeling of being a member of a secure and successful pension fund creates an atmosphere of trust for all participants. You also strive to achieve optimal performance through a good cost/benefit ratio. Our ALM methodology provides for it.

Against a background of ever-increasing technicality and complexity of employee benefits, security depends to a large degree on expertise, experience and ongoing monitoring. Swiss Life Pension Services AG supports you in this task. With our entrepreneurial management approach and our PensionNavigator®, we contribute to the positive development of your pension fund.



Outsourcing of your pension fund

Achieving an optimal cost/benefit ratio.

As a member of management and/or of the Board of Trustees, you focus in particular on the efficiency and performance of your pension fund. You aim to provide high-quality services because you place great value on employee satisfaction. At the same time, you wish to keep administration and personnel costs low and seek an optimal cost/benefit ratio.

The size and efficiency of Swiss Life Pension Services AG as well as our modern administration software, which consistently integrates new market requirements, produce tangible cost savings.

Outsourcing, including investment controlling

We can fully relieve you of technical administration work or even assume responsibility for the entire operational management of your pension fund. Bookkeeping and securities accounting, as well as comprehensive investment controlling complete the outsourcing package. Our administration processes are tested and certified according to ISAE 3402 Type II.


Experts and advisors

Your strong advisor in the background.

We set great store by partnership when working with our clients. We are passionate about achieving the best possible results for you. Together we develop solutions for your pension fund in the following areas:

Actuarial advice

Our actuarial advice is comprehensive:

  • Funding concepts, plan design
  • Profit and loss analyses
  • Risk analyses, reinsurance requirements and concepts
  • Optimisation of occupational benefit concepts
  • Restructuring concepts
  • Advice and support for mergers, (partial) liquidation and distribution plans
  • Benchmark studies
  • Analysis of occupational benefit obligations within the framework of mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence audits
  • Dynamic and customised indicator system as a management instrument for your pension fund

Actuarial activities required by law
The activities required by law are carried out by accredited pension actuaries. All our actuaries are recognised by the supervisory oversight commission for the occupational pension system (OAK). We prepare comprehensive, well-structured actuarial reports for statutory audits with clear audit certificates and recommendations.

Pension Governance – organisational advice
We analyse all the processes in your pension fund and help you recognise timely your strengths as well as your areas for improvement.

Legal advice
We support your pension fund with all legal issues and problems.

We provide customised training for the members of your board of trustees and for your employees working in the area of occupational benefits.

Local and international accounting standards
The compilation of calculations and reports in accordance with IFRS (IAS 19), US-GAAP (ASC 715-30) and Swiss GAAP FER 16 & 26 is one of our core competencies. Specialists discuss with you the actuarial and economic assumptions, the results of calculations and their implications for your accounts. The relevant key figures in the balance sheet are of course also projected into the future if required.