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Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours can have a negative impact on health. Especially pain in neck, shoulders or lower back is experienced frequently.

In this course, participants will learn how to set up the workplace ergonomically and what exercises can be done to relieve the body in order to prevent physical discomfort.

1 hour / CHF 1’000


Working from home has become quite common during the last two years. Room situation and available equipment often differ from the office workplace setting.

In this course, participants will learn how to set up their home workplace ergonomically. They will analyze their workplace with a checklist. Suggestions for optimization will be discussed, focusing on the means at hand.

1 ½ hour / CHF 1’400

Self-Organization in the Home Office

Working from home can be of great benefit, but it also has its pitfalls.

In this course, participants will learn techniques for selforganization while working from home and reflect on strategies for dealing with the psychosocial stress that can accompany this setting of work.

1 ½ hour / CHF 1’400

Positive Stress Management and Well-being 

The key to deal with stress in a more relaxed way is not to avoid, but to understand, accept and re-evaluate stress. The stress response is more than an outdated fight-or-flight response or maladaptive behaviour to modern challenges.

In this course, participants will learn about constructive ways to deal with stress. In addition to changing the way to deal with stress and reducing stressors, there are also various positive strategies for increasing well-being and a sense of balance in everyday life.

1 ½ hour / CHF 1’400

Resilient Leadership

Working Balanced and healthy employees are more effective in coping with a challenging work situation. Leading oneself and employees successfully even in times of stress and uncertainty are important tasks for managers.

In this course, managers will learn about constructive ways of dealing with stress and how they can promote these processes among employees. The participants will reflect their function as a role model regarding stress and coping strategies. Furthermore, they will learn to recognize early warning signals for stress in their employees and how to effectively take action.

1 ½ hour / CHF 1’400

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion 

Mindfulness and self-compassion are two of the most important self-management skills. In addition to the benefits for effective stress reduction, these skills also help to cope constructively with uncertainties and changes as well as to discard old behaviour patterns and to learn new habits.

In this course, participants will learn about mindfulness and various techniques on how to establish mindfulness in everyday life. In addition, they will get to know the voice of their inner critic and how it can be soothed with exercises in mindful self-compassion.

1 ½ hour / CHF 1’400

Cost are excl. VAT and for 25 participants each webinar.

* For 60 participants: CHF 2’200. 

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