Are you in need of advice and solutions for your pension fund? Swiss Life Pension Services can work with you as a partner in the long-term management of your pension fund.

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    Pension fund puts its administration on a new footing.

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    Personal testimonies from clients who have confidence in us.

  • Management

    Under the leadership of Roland Schmid, the management of Swiss Life Pension Services Ltd. brings together the top specialists in their field. Thanks to years of experience advising clients of every size and category, our team has accumulated a great deal of expertise in all situations encountered by pension funds and benefit programmes.

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    Swiss Life Pension Services Ltd. provides advisory, administrative and IT services related to occupational pensions. Together with our subsidiaries aXenta, Abcon and Actuaires & Associés, we advise over 400 clients throughout Switzerland with over 105 employees in five locations.

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    Whether this is for SMEs or large companies, associations or other institutions- we look after companies from a wide range of business sectors.

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    We work with a variety of specialist firms as needed, allowing us to provide the greatest possible benefit for our customers. Meet a sample three of these partner companies.

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Our pension services:

  • All-encompassing consulting
  • Actuarial reports
  • Calculations according to international accounting standards (IFRS/US GAAP)
  • Asset liability management studies
  • Outsourcing
  • Investment controlling
  • Securities accounting
  • Corporate consulting
  • Pension governance studies

Our IT services and products:

  • Consultancy
  • Licensing
  • ASP and cloud solutions
  • Full service IT

We would be glad to discuss the different options with you. Please get in touch with one of our advisors.