Swiss Life Pension Services Ltd. provides advisory, administrative and IT services related to occupational pensions. Together with our subsidiaries aXenta, Abcon and Actuaires & Associés, we advise over 400 clients throughout Switzerland with over 105 employees in five locations.







Why Swiss Life Pension Services

Our clients have good reasons for working with us:

  • Dedication: Swiss Life Pension Services Ltd. was founded in 2003 as an independent subsidiary of the Swiss Life Group. As a Swiss company, we are dedicated to quality and precision.
  • Competence: You get to discuss all issues relating to occupational benefits with expert contact partners.
  • Systematic approach: In the dynamic environment of occupational pensions, our systematic advisory approach ensures the optimal management of your employee benefits institution.
  • Outsourcing: We relieve you of technical administration work and can even assume responsibility for the entire management of your pension fund.
  • Accessibility: Our teams guarantee a high degree of availability across our entire service range in consulting and administration.
  • By the book: We follow the rules set out by the regulatory authorities as well as the Chamber of Swiss Pension Actuaries.