We work with a variety of specialist firms as needed, allowing us to provide the greatest possible benefit for our customers. Meet a sample three of these partner companies.

aXenta ag

aXenta ag specialises in the development, implementation and support of high-quality and administratively sophisticated IT solutions. Its portfolio is primarily geared towards occupational benefits institutions, banks and insurance companies. Focus areas include the Xplan product line as well as the management of complex IT projects based on the latest standards. Xplan is a proprietary product which has been marketed successfully throughout Switzerland for over ten years.


Abcon AG, in Bern, specialises in pension fund advisory services and the evaluation of pension fund obligations in accordance with international accounting standards through its accredited pension actuaries and actuarial experts. The company operates in German-speaking Switzerland, mainly in the Bern area.

Actuaires & Associés SA

Actuaires & Associés SA from Petit-Lancy in the canton of Geneva has a workforce of accredited pension actuaries, actuaries and management experts and specialises in actuarial operations, advice and pension fund management. The firm mainly operates in Western Switzerland and complements the operations of Swiss Life Pension Services AG in German-speaking Switzerland.