Do you jog no further than the fridge? If you lose a lot of weight, do you quickly put it back on? Is your belly one “l” short of being flat? Of course, no-one expects you to look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger this summer. At the same time, it might be wise to take care of your health today rather than tomorrow. After all, it is already relevant to how self-determined and fit you will be in your old age.

Living healthily doesn’t mean going to the gym every day, only eating fruit or giving up pizza and burgers forever. If you want to live healthily, you can just change a few habits and get used to some new ones. Watch what you eat and put a small exercise programme together.

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The most interesting fitness facts

  • The more muscle mass you develop, the more calories you burn. 
  • Various studies show that music improves training performance. Have you tried any of the numerous fitness playlists offered by your music streaming provider?
  • Sport is good for the psyche: goodbye daily stress, hello happiness! 
  • Lifting weights can help correct poor posture and back complaints.
  • Your body has 650 muscles – wow!
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The best alternatives to unhealthy dietary choices

  • "Influenced water" with berries, mint or lemon over sugar-free soft drinks
  • Olive or coconut oil over rapeseed oil
  • Spelt or wholemeal rye flour over white flour
  • Modest portions of good meat over excessive portions of substandard discounted meat
  • Nuts over sweets as a snack
  • Low-fat curd with berries and honey over sugared fruit yoghurt
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The best everyday activities for calorie consumption

  • 30 minutes’ hard work in the garden: 183 kcal
  • 30 minutes of shopping: 125 kcal
  • 30 minutes of easy gardening: 122 kcal
  • Playing the piano for 30 minutes: 85 kcal
  • Cooking for 30 minutes: 79 kcal
  • Driving for 30 minutes: 61 kcal
And, to finish on a high:
  • 30 minutes’ sleep: 54 kcal
Source: Foodspring (values are based on a person with 70 kg body weight)
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Simple everyday exercises

  • Bend your knees or raise your heels when brushing your teeth 
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift
  • Flex your glutes regularly when sitting in the office
  • Jog to work
  • Do press-ups during ad breaks when watching TV
  • Get off one bus stop before your stop and walk the rest of the way
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The greatest fallacies about fitness and nutrition


“I’ve only trained well when my muscles ache."


"I can do without the warm-up – the body warms up anyway during the workout.".


"Selective fat reduction is possible – 100 more sit-ups to the six-pack!"


"I prefer to skip dinner, it’s fattening."


"You only start to burn fat after you’ve been running for 30 minutes."


"I don't jog – it just harms the joints."

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