The home ownership rate in Switzerland has been rising since 1970. While back in the 1970s only 28% of the population owned a house or apartment, today it is more than 36%. Who are the homeowners in Switzerland? Swiss Life presents how and where people in Switzerland live in a self-determined manner in their own home.

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Their own home in which they can shape their self-determined life practically unchecked. Nobody to butt in when painting a wall, installing a fireplace or laying a herringbone parquet floor. They also avoid high rental costs and make a sensible investment. We can understand why so many people decide to buy their own home and would like to know more: How old are home buyers? And in which cantons are the most properties purchased?

Where is home ownership in Switzerland the highest?

From a cantonal point of view, the most property owners can be found in the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, with more than one in two living in their own home (56.9%). The cantons of Valais (54.5%), Jura (49.5%), Aargau (47.3%) and Solothurn (47.3%) are close runners-up. The three cantons at the bottom of the list are Zurich (27.7%), Geneva (18.1%) and Basel-Stadt (15.8%).

However, if we only consider those home buyers who purchase apartments, Zurich and Bern come top (116 235 and 131 076 respectively). They are followed by the cantons of Aargau and St. Gallen (101 615 and 66 303). Obwalden, Nidwalden and Appenzell Innerrhoden come bottom for condominiums. 



When and why do the Swiss buy their own home?

In terms of age, Swiss people purchasing their own property are over 30 years old. Buyers of houses are usually under 50. Younger people aged between 30 and 40 prefer urban living, while older ones prefer mountains and more touristy regions.

Family status plays a major role in the type of property people buy: 76% of houses are bought by couples, 24% by singles. By contrast, the split for condominiums is very similar: 48% are singles, 52% couples or families.

Do you dream of owning your own home?

We can assist you with the financing planning and would be pleased to show you ways of making your dream of home ownership come true. Arrange a non-binding consultation with a Swiss Life advisor today.

Image source: Unsplash; Evan Bollag, Keith Kiselstone

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