At 63, she’ll shortly be retiring, but she has no intention of just sitting back and relaxing. Ruth Schaffhauser works part-time as a waitress at Migros Fitness National. Here she explains to us how following a stroke of fate she found her way in life again thanks to painting.

Ruth Schaffhauser presents herself during our interview as a strong woman with both feet on the ground. She derives strength from painting, something that helped her to find her way in life again after the early death of her husband. This hobby has developed into a true passion. Following the death of her husband, acrylic painting enabled her to start something new in life and she soon found that painting allowed her to switch off completely.

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Painting helped me enormously to recover again, to venture outside of myself and simply start something new with my life.

Ruth Schaffhauser lived for 37 years together with her husband in a four-and-a-half-room rental apartment. However, after his death she decided to move into a smaller three-and-a-half-room owner-occupied apartment. It was important to her in doing this that she should continue to feel at home in old age. The apartment is therefore fitted out in an age-appropriate manner: with level access, a lift and a walk-in bath that she designed herself. Her atelier is also located in the same complex just a few metres away. She feels at home in the large, well-lit room. Here she can forget her everyday life and, thanks to the good lighting conditions, concentrate entirely on her hobby.


Ruth Schaffhauser is 63 years old. The passionate amateur painter grew up in Lucerne and completed a commercial apprenticeship as a salesperson. She is currently employed part-time as a waitress at Migros Fitness National. After her retirement, Ruth would like to continue her job – but on an hourly wage basis.

Ruth Schaffhauser addressed the topic of pension provision at an early stage. She took out life insurance for the two children, her husband and herself and later also opted to build up savings in pillar 3b. This will guarantee her a self-determined future – even when she gets old.

And Ruth is therefore looking forward to her retirement next year with yet greater anticipation. She will enjoy the time with her grandchildren and friends even more while continuing to work as a waitress on an hourly wage basis.

And painting? One thing is certain for Ruth Schaffhauser: there’s no age limit on the dream of turning your hobby into your job. Her big goal is to give painting courses herself. Even now she sometimes exhibits in cafés, restaurants and retirement homes and successfully offers her pictures for sale. This is how she funds her painting holidays. She uses this opportunity to engage with other painters and share with them a self-determined life. 

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