A Swiss Life study from 2019 shows that many more mothers than fathers work part time. Fathers are happier when they are the ones who work more. Part-time working models are more important for women's sense of self-determination than for men. How is this reflected in childcare?

Fathers are happier if they are the ones who work more – as the Swiss Life part-time study shows. This suggests that fathers still adhere to old role models and feel comfortable in their role as family providers.

And the mother? Does that mean she is mainly responsible for the children?

Mum or dad?

Who is more involved in childcare? Who mainly changes nappies, plays hide-and-seek, or sings lullabies?

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Other tasks:

Child spending time at home during isolation quarantine

Playing with the children

This is mainly done by both parents:

  • Mother: 43.4 percent
  • Father: 4.7 percent
  • Both: 50.9 percent
Photo of a young boy being homeschooled by his mother in his bedroom

Help the children with their homework

This is mainly done by the mother:

  • Mother: 54.5 percent
  • Father: 8.6 percent
  • Both: 34.4 percent
Back view of mother walking down the street with a little son with a backpack on sunny summer day

Bring the children to the nursery, school, etc.

This is mainly done by the mother:

  • Mother: 47.1 percent
  • Father: 9.1 percent
  • Both: 39.1 percent
Photo series of a young mother with a child doing different chores at home. Shot in Berlin.

Clothe the children or help them get dressed

This is mainly done by the mother:

  • Mother: 64.5 percent
  • Father: 2.9 percent
  • Both: 26.5 percent
Father cuddle with his son

Talk to the children about their problems

This is mainly done by both parents:

  • Mother: 27.6 percent
  • Father: 3.2 percent
  • Both: 69.1 percent

Note: The total is not 100%, as the category "other" (children themselves, other persons in the household, persons outside the household) is not shown.

Source: FSO – Families and generations Survey (FGS), 2019

Part-time calculator

Families opt for part-time work because they hope it will strike the best balance between job and childcare. At the moment, it is mainly mothers who opt for a reduction in working hours. Would you also like to work part time? Find out quickly and easily what impact the reduced level of employment would have on your budget and on childcare.

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