No matter what nationality, occupation, age or gender: the current extraordinary situation affects us all. Swiss families are also growing used to an entirely different daily routine: suddenly working from home while taking care of the children – that can be a big challenge. And yet a current Swiss Life study shows that: just under 90% of families have taken something positive from the restrictions.

Monday morning, or is it Tuesday already? Anyway, the alarm rings early. Usually Mr and Mrs Schweizer would have to hurry – the bus or train won't wait. However, the situation in many households is currently rather different. The office has moved into the home, the snooze button has come into its own.

But what if not only the office but also the school moves into the home and young children need to be looked after? Swiss Life asked: how do families deal with the current situation? What keeps them busy, what gives them joy?


Families value the extra time

Our study shows: families really appreciate the extra time they have with their children and partner. Almost three-quarters of respondents say that they will definitely miss this time after returning to their normal situation. Families will also miss the opportunity to take up new hobbies or do things they always used to postpone. And what about the bus and train and the daily commute? The Swiss Life study shows: the time saved on the commute is another thing that families will miss.

Families appreciate having more time for their children and partner in this extraordinary situation. Almost three-quarters of respondents say that they will miss the extra family time after returning to their normal situation.

And what about finances?

Goodbye dust, hello tidiness: it is not just the cleaning and tidying up that families usually postpone and now have more under control. In addition: one in four people who can now do certain things that they would normally postpone are now also managing their finances. This includes, for example, personal pension provision, as well as insurance, health insurance and investments.

Less shopping, no restaurant visits or trips: are you also pleased about being able to save more in the current extraordinary situation? If so, you have something in common with some of the families surveyed.

Budget calculator

Budget planning isn’t as complicated as it sounds. With the Swiss Life budget calculator, you can calculate your savings potential and attain an overview of your financial situation.

About the study

The online survey on the subject of "Families and positive effects of the corona crisis" was conducted in April 2020 by Swiss Life via an external panel. A total of 408 people between the ages of 25 and 49 were surveyed in German-speaking Switzerland who live in a family household and have at least one child younger than ten years of age.

Image source: Unsplash, Jessica Rockowitz

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