Travelling is one of his greatest passions. So it’s no wonder that he selected a career in the field. Thierry Deiss is a project manager in marketing at Globetrotter Travel Service, the Swiss provider of individual travel – and he tells us about his journey in the world of provisions.

A representative survey of private provisions carried out recently by Bank CIC (Switzerland) indicates that young people are starting to pay into their third pillar ever earlier. Of those under 35, 66 percent of 3a savers had already begun paying in before completion of their 25th year of age – 20 percent more than in 2012.

Thierry himself started paying into pillar 3a at the age of 28. He is acquainted with Swiss Life through his employer, Globetrotter. The Swiss travel agent depends on a Swiss Life BVG solution, and thus provides Thierry and his colleagues with optimal coverage.


Thierry Deiss, 28, is a project manager in marketing at Globetrotter. Both professionally and in his private life, he is thoroughly preoccupied with travel to the remotest countries of the earth. At the top of his bucket list: a spectacular safari.

Nevertheless, experience suggests that, without private provisions, AHV and pension fund provide for just around 60 percent of income prior to retirement. Most people, however, need around 80 percent. And the higher the income, the bigger the gap.

Thierry understands this as well. For him, paying into the third pillar is essential. That way, he ensures himself a financial cushion in old age – and a longer self-determined life.

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I would like to pay more into the third pillar especially, to build up a certain nest egg for later.

Any career starter or young person afraid they will not be able to afford the additional security provided by pillar 3a can rest assured that the sooner they start, the better off they will be. Regular small 3a contributions are also a good idea. If you’re taking a big trip – Thierry’s bucket list, for instance, prominently features a safari – or planning some other major acquisition, you can temporarily suspend a payment. Savers decide for themselves how much to pay in, and when. Additionally, 3a savers can take advantage of tax savings: contributions paid in can be deducted from taxable income, and the assets are taxed at a reduced rate when they are paid out.

Our tip

Do like Thierry and take a trip through the world of provisions. If you need assistance or have any questions, Swiss Life is the ideal companion on your voyage and can bring you safely to your retirement goal. 


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