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Frequently asked questions

Depending on the selected product, you have the following options:

Pillar 3a – tax-qualified provisions

  • Change your premium payment frequency (monthly, quarterly or half-yearly).
  • Reduce your contract premium.

Pillar 3b – non-tax-qualified provisions

  • Change your premium payment frequency (monthly, quarterly or half-yearly).
  • Apply for a loan.
  • Arrange a partial surrender to cover the premium due.
  • Reduce your contract premium.

Our advisors and our customer service team would be pleased to provide you with further information and offer you a tailored solution. Simply call us on 00800 873 873 00!

Note that the termination of a life insurance policy can result in certain disadvantages:

  • Relatives will no longer be covered in the event of death.
  • The pension and achievement of your original goals will no longer be guaranteed.
  • You will lose your attractive contract conditions.
  • Concluding a new contract is usually subject to a new medical examination.
  • Early termination of the contract can lead to financial losses.


Depending on the selected product, Swiss Life offers the following options to help you avoid these disadvantages:

Financial difficulties:

  • Exploitation of payment periods
  • Change in the premium payment method
  • A loan
  • Reduction of the premium
  • The withdrawal of some of your accumulated capital

In connection with property:

  • Use your contract as equity capital and additional collateral to finance the purchase of your home.
  • Withdraw part of your accumulated capital to meet your equity requirements.
  • Swiss Life offers you attractive mortgage solutions.
  • Take advantage of the additional benefits of the Home Option or the Option Complete.
  • Use your contract for the indirect mortgage amortisation and profit from appealing tax benefits, as well as risk protection in the event of death or disability.

In the event of changes to your private or professional situation:

We would be pleased to offer you personal advice and show you solutions tailored to your financial situation.

Would you like more information about these options? Want to find out the current surrender value of your contract? Or would you like to terminate the contract?
We are here for you – call us on 00800 873 873 00.

Our tip: with myWorld you can view the current surrender value online at any time under “Your contracts”. 

You can transfer your premiums as follows:

  1. Set up a standing order at your bank – using the paying-in slip enclosed with the premium invoice. When you tell us you have done this, we will stop sending the premium invoice. You can reach us on 00800 873 873 00 or by e-mail.
  2. Use eBill and receive the premium invoice wherever you pay – directly in your e-banking account. 
  3. Authorise us to debit your bank or postal account – using the direct debit (LSV+) form. 

Direct debit (LSV+)

Authorise us to debit your bank or postal account – using the direct debit (LSV+) form.

Depending on the selected product, you can pay your premium monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

Want to change the payment frequency? Simply call us on 00800 873 873 00.