Does your property stand out due to its ecological construction method? Or has it been sustainably renovated? If so, you can save interest costs with our green mortgages.

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    30% of global CO2 emissions are caused by the real estate sector.

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    40% of Swiss energy is consumed by the national building stock.

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    2% of Swiss real estate would need annual energy refurbishments to fulfil the Energy Strategy 2050.

The green mortgage in brief

As a self-determined property owner, is environmental protection particularly important to you? Would you like to take environmental considerations into account when buying or renovating your home?

If so, a green mortgage with favourable interest rates is just right for you. You can take out a green mortgage if your home meets Swiss Life’s criteria for environmental sustainability. To do so, you will need a Minergie certificate or a corresponding cantonal energy certificate for buildings (CECB). Buildings without an energy certificate or with insufficient CECB certification qualify for the green mortgage if energy-related measures are planned. We can provide you with comprehensive information on home ownership and mortgages and, thanks to our attractive mortgage solutions, you can find the right financing for your property.

Your advantages at a glance

  • The energy saved helps to protect the climate and the environment.
  • Advantageous interest rates with the green fixed-rate mortgage and green SARON mortgage
  • Lower operating costs due to reduced energy consumption 
  • Greater long-term marketability of your property
  • You benefit from cantonal subsidies for sustainable renovations.
  • Tax benefits for renovations

Current mortgage interest rates

Attractive financing conditions for your apartment or home with a Swiss Life mortgage.

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FAQs about green mortgages

MINERGIE ® certificate:

  • The regular fees depend on the energy reference area and building standard (between CHF 1200 and CHF 3700 for properties under 250 m2).
  • Once issued, the certificate is valid indefinitely.

CECB ® certificate:

  • The costs for a CECB® or CECB® Plus certificate vary depending on the building, region and specialist (CHF 600 – to CHF 2200 for a single-family home).
  • The CECB ® certificate is valid for 10 years, the provisional CECB ® certificate is valid for three years.

  • Year of construction < 12 months = A, B
  • Year of construction > 12 months = A, B, C
  • If level D, E = modernise within 24 months with CECB Plus certificate

Please note: All three efficiency values – the quality of the building shell, the overall energy balance and the direct CO2 emissions – must satisfy the requirements of the energy class.


Obtain a CECB ® Plus certificate. Make sure you check whether the canton supports the construction project with subsidies and apply for them. Please submit the CECB ® Plus certificate and the renovation offers together with the mortgage increase application. The planned measures listed in the CECB® Plus certificate must be implemented within 24 months following the mortgage payout. Following completion of the measures, the CECB ® must be updated to determine the final value (A-G) and make the “impact” measurable.

The time span from the request for an offer to the issue of the CECB certificate may vary. Our advice: Apply for the certificate early (about one to two months before interest rate fixing).

Modernising your home's energy efficiency is worthwhile for several reasons: increase the value of your property, enhance living comfort, save heating costs, protect the environment, claim subsidies and benefit from the attractive interest rates on Swiss Life’s green mortgage.

The green mortgage products cannot be combined with the preferential conditions of the Home Option or Option Complete of a Swiss Life insurance contract.

If you pay off your fixed-rate mortgage before expiry of the agreed term, Swiss Life, as the creditor, will calculate the amount of the early repayment penalty individually.

Exception: if you sell your property before expiry of the agreed mortgage term, Swiss Life will not charge an early repayment penalty, provided the property is not sold to a member of your family.