Benefit with this unit-linked life insurance policy from term-optimised investment management.

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    165 years of experience in managing investments

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    Swiss Life Asset Managers is Switzerland’s third largest institutional asset manager.

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    Customised fund exclusively for Swiss Life Premium Expert

In a nutshell

With Swiss Life Premium Expert you can sit back and relax. The investment experts at Swiss Life Asset Managers take care of all investment decisions – enabling you to shape your life in self-determination. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • Thanks to term-optimised investment management, your investment is optimally positioned at all times
  • Experienced asset managers actively manage your investment and optimally align it in accordance with the market environment.
  • Your loved ones are financially protected – thanks to a guaranteed minimum benefit in the event of death.

Make an appointment for a consultation

Want to learn more about Swiss Life Premium Delegate, or do you have questions? We would be pleased to provide you with more information – in a personal and non-binding consultation. We would also be happy to advise you by video instead of in the General Agency or at your home.

More about the product

You participate in a customised fund exclusively launched for Swiss Life Premium Expert. It invests in cost-effective funds and unit classes reserved for institutional investors. Swiss Life Funds III (CH) Expert 2030 I A is optimally aligned to the term of Swiss Life Premium Expert. The investment experts at Swiss Life Asset Managers manage the fund with the objective of achieving as attractive a return as possible after ten years.

The fund invests in a broadly diversified portfolio of institutional funds and unit classes in the areas of equities, bonds and real estate.

  • Equities enable participation in world-wide economic development. This can involve investment in Swiss shares as well as in the equity markets in industrialised and emerging countries.
  • Bonds fulfil various functions in the portfolio. Bonds in Swiss francs and global government bonds serve as safe havens – particularly in times of turbulence. Corporate bonds and high-yield and emerging market bonds deliver higher earnings, especially in a stable, positive economic environment. The currency risk for bonds is systematically hedged.
  • Real estate investments offer another stable source of returns, as well as additionally contributing to portfolio diversification.

You benefit like professional investors from low-cost institutional funds and unit classes that Swiss Life also uses in the pension fund for its own employees.

The investment management is designed in such a way that the investment experts at Swiss Life Asset Managers reduce the volatility – that is, the degree of price fluctuations – as the residual term decreases. This way we aim to ensure that the investments are exposed to increasingly lower value fluctuations. To this end we specify volatility target sizes for the investments that decrease over the term. Taking account of the current economic situation, these volatility targets can be adjusted in both directions in order to position the portfolio correctly. In the case of positive signals the volatility target can be increased in order to achieve greater potential returns. Conversely, the volatility target can be reduced in the event of a negative outlook in order to be better positioned for a turbulent market environment with less volatileinvestments.

With this approach we aim to create an investment portfolio that on the one hand reduces value fluctuations in a gradual and systematic manner but at the same time still offers sufficient flexibility to benefit from market opportunities.

Minimum deposit CHF 40 000

  • Payout at expiry is exempt from income tax, provided
    • the contract expires after the age of 60;
    • the insured person and the policyholder are the same;
    • the contract was concluded before the age of 66 for a minimum term of ten years.
  • During the contract term: only wealth tax on the surrender value (at cantonal level only)

In the event of death: no income tax, inheritance tax possible according to policyholder's canton of residence

  • Inheritance and bankruptcy privileges
  • Your entitlements are always fully protected by the tied assets Swiss Life is required to set aside by law. These are subject to strict controls by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Swiss Life Premium Expert is available until 1 July 2021.

Product comparison

  • Optimally invested at all times

    Swiss Life Premium Expert

    • Customised fund
    • Professional term management
    • Experts take care of all investment decisions
  • Optimise return on investment and save on taxes

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort

    • Tax-optimised investment
    • Selection from three fund portfolios
    • Earnings protection possible