Put your money into unit-linked life insurance, which invests in two attractive real estate funds with prime-quality Swiss real estate.

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    Swiss Life – the largest private proprietor in Switzerland

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    Over 125 years of experience investing with real estate

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    Top-class Swiss commercial and residential properties in the real estate fund

Swiss Life Premium Immo Properties is a unit-linked non-tax qualified life insurance policy (pillar 3b) that invests in two real estate funds comprising Swiss properties.
  • The real estate funds with prime-quality Swiss properties offer stable returns.
  • You benefit from the expertise and experience of the Swiss Life Group’s real estate specialists.
  • You provide financial protection for your family or other designated beneficiaries with a guaranteed lump-sum death benefit.
  • No income tax is due on earnings at expiry if you meet certain minimum requirements.
  • No medical examination

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More about the product


With Swiss Life Premium Immo you participate in two real estate funds: 

Swiss Life REF (CH) Swiss Properties
This attractive real estate fund invests in over 130 Swiss residential and commercial properties from the Swiss Life real estate portfolio. The properties are located throughout Switzerland, predominantly in major economic regions.
Swiss Life REF (LUX) ESG Commercial Properties Switzerland
The institutional real estate fund invests in more than 40 top-class Swiss commercial properties. The properties are distributed throughout the strong economic regions of Switzerland, are situated in very good locations and are of high quality.
Swiss Life has over 125 years of experience in real estate management. As the largest private real estate owner in Switzerland it builds on the expertise and experience of Swiss Life Asset Managers’ real
estate specialists.

Swiss Life REF (CH) Swiss Properties
The fund invests in residential and commercial properties, with an emphasis on residential, office and retail
space. The fund offers good opportunities for returns thanks to its broad diversification across more than 130 properties as well as above-average location and property quality.

Swiss Life REF (LUX) ESG Commercial Properties Switzerland
The fund invests in commercial properties, with an emphasis on office and retail space. Through its broad diversification encompassing some 2000 rental units and the above-average location and quality of the properties, the fund offers high earnings stability.

The long-term performance target of the real estate fund is around 3% per year. 

Payout at expiry is exempt from income tax, provided

  • the contract expires after age 60;
  • it was concluded before age 66 for a minimum term of ten years;
  • the insured person and the policyholder are the same.

During the contract term: only wealth tax on
the surrender value (at cantonal level only) In the event of death: no income tax, possibly inheritance tax according to the policyholder’s canton of residence

From CHF 40 000

  • The medical examination is not required for risk sums of CHF 200 000 or less
  • There is limited insurance cover in the event of the policyholder’s death as a result of illness during a waiting period of three years.
  • Inheritance and bankruptcy privileges
  • Your entitlements are always fully protected by the tied assets that Swiss Life is legally required to set aside. These are subject to strict controls by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

You are free to nominate your beneficiaries.