Swiss Life Vitality is fund-linked life insurance in non-tax-qualified provisions (pillar 3b) that is financed with a one-off premium. It offers attractive potential returns and a guaranteed lump-sum death benefit.

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    42% of Swiss want to be financially independent

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    Broad range with over 40 different investment funds

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    The fund investment can be reoriented at any time

In a nutshell

With Swiss Life Vitality, you structure the funds for your investment within pillar 3b in accordance with your wishes. You benefit from attractive potential returns and provide for the financial security of your beneficiaries with a guaranteed lump-sum death benefit.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Potential returns: your investment allows you to participate in the development of the capital markets and earn attractive returns if the fund performs well.
  • Fund selection: you can choose from a first-class offering of investment funds, arranging and weighting these funds in accordance with your wishes.
  • Financial protection: you safeguard your family or another designated beneficiary financially through a guaranteed lump-sum death benefit.
  • Optional entry and exit management at no charge: by staggering the fund purchases and sales, you reduce the risk of your net savings premium being invested when the price is at its highest or your fund units being sold at the end of the contract when the price is at its lowest.

Make an appointment for a consultation

Would you like to know more about Swiss Life Vitality, or do you have any questions about it? We would be pleased to provide you with more information – in a personal and non-binding consultation.

More about the product

Swiss Life invests in your desired investment fund(s). If you’d like, you can also take advantage of optional entry and departure management. We provide you with information about the performance of the fund investment on an annual basis. At the end of the contract, you’ll receive a payout of all fund assets.

Yes, you can realign your fund composition at any time.

You can choose a maximum of 20 different funds for your investment. The minimum share of each fund is 5%.

No; you can also choose just one fund.

No, Swiss Life Vitality is only offered within pillar 3b.

  • The payout at the end of the contract is exempt from income tax, provided the contract has a minimum term of ten years, ends after the policyholder turns 60 or was concluded before the policyholder turned 66 and the insured person and the policyholder are the same.
  • During the contract term: only wealth tax on the surrender value (at cantonal level only)
  • In the event of death: no income tax, however inheritance tax possible according to policyholder's canton of residence.

  • You benefit from inheritance and bankruptcy privileges.

Product comparison

  • Unit-linked investments offering potential return and risk protection

    Swiss Life Vitality

    • Free combination of funds
    • Large selection of funds
    • Allocation to individual funds possible
  • Optimise return on investment and save on taxes

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort

    • Tax-optimised investment
    • Selection from three fund portfolios
    • Earnings protection possible
  • Attractive investment opportunities with the security of life insurance

    Swiss Life Champion Advance

    • With guarantee
    • Predefined fund portfolio
    • Opportunity to increase guarantee