Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Junior Plan is a savings option that offers an optimum mix of security and returns. It can be adjusted to changing needs in a number of different ways and is the ideal solution for accumulating some starting capital for your child in a self-determined manner.

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    Tuition fees for a semester abroad in the US are CHF 15,000 on average.

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    Couples with children under the age of 25 save 16% of their household budget on average.

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    If at least two children from the same family conclude a children’s solution with Swiss Life, the second child receives a discount.

In brief

Would you like to accumulate some starting capital for your child, perhaps for a language course abroad, their education or their first flat? Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Junior Plan is the right choice if you want to save for your child’s self-determined future in a return-oriented way while enjoying security at the same time. With its two intelligently linked savings elements, this innovative and flexible savings and risk insurance offers you an optimum mix of security and returns.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Potential returns: Return element: the corresponding part of the savings premium is invested in an equity fund portfolio. This uses low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETF) or funds that are otherwise available only to institutional investors.
  • Security: In the case of the security element, the part of the savings premium defined by the premium split is invested by Swiss Life and earns interest.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to various options, such as changing the premium split, you can have Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Junior Plan adapted in a self-determined manner to your changed needs.
  • Simplicity: You don’t have to worry about a thing. We automatically implement your desired investment strategy.
  • Financial protection: Your child is protected from financial bottlenecks due to illness or accident and can lead a self-determined life, even in difficult circumstances. If an incident occurs, we guarantee continued premium payment (if insured) and pay a disability annuity for your child.

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More about the product

Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Junior Plan consists of a classic insurance component (security element) and a unit-linked insurance component (return element). We split the savings premium according to the investment strategy you have selected and invest it in the security and return elements. You can choose between a dynamic and a constant premium split.

Yes. You can adjust the division of the savings premium between the security and return

Yes. You can determine yourself whether and when you want to transfer your available assets back and forth between the return and security elements.

With Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Junior Plan, your payment is divided between the security element and the fund assets (return element) in accordance with the premium split you defined. If the fund assets perform well, the percentage split changes. As a result, the ratio of the security element to fund assets no longer corresponds to the premium split you originally defined.

You can select the “Safeguard against outperformance” option at the beginning of the contract. With this option, any added value from the fund assets is automatically reallocated to the security assets to ensure that the division between them is in line with your defined premium split.

You can put the distributions from the funds into the optional Comfort deposit. The interest we pay on this balance is based on short-term interest rates.

Current interest rate: 0.15%

Product comparison

  • Saving with attractive potential returns

    Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Junior Plan

    • Optimum mix of security and return
    • Adjustment of premium split
    • Outperformance hedging
  • Save intelligently

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort Junior Plan

    • Return from managed fund portfolios
    • Select from four fund portfolios
    • Comfort deposit to secure distributions