Would you like to change your investment strategy? Discover the options available to you from Swiss Life Dynamic Elements and decide yourself which is the best balance between return, security and risk for you.

Yes, you can change this distribution at any time during the term, in order to control the weighting of the return and security components. You used to have a constant premium split and now want a dynamic split – or vice versa? This can also be adjusted at any time. 


Yes – with the ad-hoc reallocation you can transfer contractual assets from one element to the other at any time. For example, would you like to reallocate your assets, which are largely held in the return element, to the security element in order to protect them from price fluctuations? Or do you think the time has now come to leave the security element's safe haven and take a returns- oriented approach? No problem, you can decide on both yourself. The only thing to remember is that assets transferred to the security credits in an ad-hoc reallocation are subject to a ten-year blocking period before they can be re-transferred to the return element.


Yes, this is possible with optional maturity management. If it is activated, the assets from the return element are reallocated to the security element every month five years prior to expiry of the contract. This reduces the negative effects from value fluctuations. Would you like to activate maturity management retroactively? Or have you activated it and now want to stop it? No problem. You can make the adjustment in a self-determined manner up to five years prior to the end of the contract.


Yes, it is possible. With the option of outperformance hedging, the outperformance achieved by the return element is automatically reallocated to the security element every year. Any surplus return relative to the security element resulting from the good fund performance is thus hedged and reinforces the security character of your investment. You can activate or deactivate outperformance hedging on an annual basis.



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