Has your life situation changed? Swiss Life Dynamic Elements offers you a number of options for structuring your financial risk protection individually and adapting it to your requirements in a self-determined manner.

Unexpected events such as long-term or even permanent disability as a result of illness, accident or death can quickly become a major financial burden. Risk protection allows you to safeguard yourself against the financial consequences of a personal stroke of fate and, despite everything, look forward to a self- determined future with confidence. Swiss Life Dynamic Elements offers you various individual and long-term options to protect yourself against financial risks.

Disability as a result of illness or accident can affect anyone. The tendency to think "I work so I have good cover" is deceptive. That's why it's worth analysing your actual coverage – especially for people who are (temporarily) not working. In this situation, the need for protection is likely to be even greater. Whatever your starting position, Swiss Life Dynamic Elements offers you a range of coverage options at attractive conditions, allowing you to cater for your individual situation at all times and lead a self-determined life.

There are different variants of the product to choose from. One focuses on risk coverage in the event of disability. Thanks to this component, Swiss Life takes over premium payments for you if you become unable to work due to illness or accident, and in some cases even up to the end of the contract. Regardless of the selected basic characteristics, Dynamic Elements can be enhanced with a wide range of additional components to protect against the financial risks of disability and death.

Death is a great emotional burden for the survivors. And how does this affect the financial situation? Are the first and second pillar benefits sufficient or do you now have a financial as well as an emotional burden? There are many reasons for coverage shortfalls. That's why it's worth analysing your actual protection situation. Swiss Life Dynamic Elements offers you a range of coverage options to suit your individual situation – at attractive conditions.

In addition to a waiver of premium for disability, we also offer an integrated lump-sum death benefit as a second basic version of the product. This capital is paid out to your surviving dependants in the event of death. Of course this type of risk coverage is available for all Dynamic Elements products. Dynamic Elements can also be enhanced with a wide range of additional components for hedging the financial risks of death.

Yes, this is not a problem because needs often change over time. You can easily expand the integrated risk coverage in a self-determined manner at any time to ensure that you always have optimal protection. Whether it's a lump-sum death benefit or a disability annuity: there are various types of cover available which allow you to tailor your own solutions.

Certain events, such as the birth of a child or the purchase of a home often change your need for risk coverage. If your contract includes Option Complete, you can increase your risk coverage without any further medical examination.

Because your circumstances change, Option Complete allows you to adjust your risk coverage to your individual needs every five years in a self-determined manner. Would you like to know what other benefits Option Complete offers?

What is Option Complete?

Option Complete can be included at the inception of the insurance contract. Without a medical examination, it allows you to increase your risk coverage in the event of changed circumstances and grants preferential conditions for Swiss Life fixed-rate mortgages.

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Ensure financial protection in the event of illness, accident, need for care or death – with risk insurance.

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With the Swiss Life risk calculator, you can   calculate your income loss in the event of disability or death with just a few clicks.

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