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Swiss Life FlexSave Uno is life insurance for non-tax qualified provisions (pillar 3b).

Swiss Life FlexSave Duo combines tax-qualified provisions (pillar 3a) with non-tax-qualified provisions (pillar 3b). This allows you to switch pillars at no charge during the term if necessary.

With Swiss Life FlexSave Junior Plan, you lay the foundation for your child's self-determined financial future. The product is currently not on offer. The information applies only to existing customers.

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  • Swiss Life FlexSave Uno

    Swiss Life FlexSave Uno offers both a guaranteed minimum payout and attractive potential returns for non-tax-qualified provisions (pillar 3b). In good stock market years, you may earn additional gains by participating in the index basket – and secure your plans for a self-determined future.

  • Swiss Life FlexSave Duo

    Whether tax-qualified (pillar 3a) or non-tax-qualified (pillar 3b) pensions solution: Swiss Life FlexSave Duo offers a guaranteed minimum payout plus potential returns in good stock market years.

  • Swiss Life FlexSave Junior Plan

    Swiss Life FlexSave Junior Plan is a children's savings insurance with risk protection for the premium payer and the child. With the solution, which comprises index participation in non-tax-qualified provisions (3b), you can help your child embark on a financially self-determined future. Please note that this product is no longer on offer.

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