This innovative savings and risk insurance (pillar 3a/3b) offers you exclusive access to a unique real estate portfolio. If necessary, you can have them adapted in a self-determined manner and flexibly to your changed needs.

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    46% of Swiss would like to make provisions for old age self-determinedly.

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    Just under two thirds of Swiss have private provisions.

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    Access to a unique real estate portfolio

In brief

Swiss Life Immo Elements comprises a traditional insurance component (security element) and a unit-linked insurance component (return element). 95% of the savings premium is invested in the return element. This latter amount is invested in the Swiss Life Elements Portfolio Real Estate fund portfolio. The remaining 5% of the savings premium is invested in the security element. The money is invested by Swiss Life and earns interest.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Potential returns: With the return element, the savings premium is invested in two real estate funds, which in turn include both commercial properties and residential real estate. This allows you to benefit from developments on the Swiss real estate market.
  • Security: With the security element, Swiss Life invests 5% of the savings premium, which earns interest. In order to purchase owner-occupied residential property, reallocations can be made from the return element to the security element.
  • Tax advantages: Premiums in pillar 3a development can be deducted from taxable income. The payout in pillar 3b is exempt from income tax.
  • Flexibility: Swiss Life Immo Elements can be adapted to your changed needs in a number of ways. For example, you can choose an alternative fund portfolio for the savings premiums in the return element instead of the Swiss Life Elements Portfolio Real Estate.
  • Financial protection: Protect yourself, your family and those close to you in a self-determined manner from financial difficulties due to illness, accident or death.
  • Option Privilege: This optional supplementary option for various Swiss Life "duo" savings plans allows you to increase your risk coverage in the event of changed circumstances without a detailed medical examination – and even at special conditions for the expansion of the lump-sum death benefit. Following the privileged partial surrender of pillar 3a, you will have more equity available to finance owner-occupied residential property. > Find out more

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More about the product

Yes, the "Duo" added to the product name supplement refers to the option of switching between pillars 3a and 3b during the contract term. This option will help you achieve your savings goal no matter what your employment situation is and plan your financial future in a self-determined manner.

95% of the savings premium is invested in the Swiss Life Elements Portfolio Real Estate fund portfolio. This fund portfolio comprises two Swiss Life real estate funds: the Luxembourg-based fund Swiss Life REF (LUX) Commercial Properties Switzerland is otherwise reserved exclusively for institutional investors and invests in commercial properties. The second one is the exchange-traded Swiss Life REF (CH) Swiss Properties fund, domiciled in Switzerland, which invests in residential properties. Both funds invest in high-quality Swiss real estate, which offers an attractive and stable earnings opportunity.

Swiss Life invests the remaining 5% of the savings premium in the security element, where it earns interest.

5% of the savings premium is invested in the security element by Swiss Life and earns interest.

Interest on the security element from 1 January 2022: 1.95%
Interest on the security element for supplementary payments from 1 January 2022: 1.8%

Product comparison

  • Returns-oriented saving with real estate

    Swiss Life Immo Elements Duo

    • Security and potential returns
    • Participation in the real estate market
    • High flexibility
  • Tax-optimised saving in pillar 3a/3b

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo

    • Potential returns
    • Selection from four fund portfolios
    • Tax-optimised saving
  • Optimum mix of security and return

    Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Duo

    • Good potential return
    • Defined payment schedule and amount
    • Free choice of security level