Your capital is always in professional hands with Swiss Life Premium Delegate Prime. Benefit from the many years of expertise of Swiss Life Asset Managers and make more out of your money. For a self-determined life – now and in the future.

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    Swiss Life Asset Managers is Switzerland’s third-largest institutional asset manager.

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    Swiss Life Asset Managers has over 160 years of experience in managing investments.

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    Swiss Life Asset Managers helps you to plan your future in self-determination.

In brief

With Swiss Life Premium Delegate Prime, your money is professionally managed and invested in funds. You can choose from a core investment and three investment themes. You can compile and weight them according to your risk profile as defined by your personal needs and preferences – you decide for yourself!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • In addition to the core investment, you can invest in three relevant thematic modules, weighting and adapting them to your personal preferences.
  • Delegate all important investment decisions to experts and have your investment monitored conveniently.
  • Benefit from a reasonable return in different interest rate situations.
  • Benefit from Swiss Life Asset Managers’ longstanding experience in risk management of investments.

Your supplementary services

Simple collective account

  • The funds required to achieve the minimum investment sum of CHF 250 000 are collected clearly in your starter account without negative interest. You can benefit from the cost averaging effect through staggered investments.

Actively managed portfolio

  • Our experts take over the active management of your investment portfolio. Your investments are managed professionally, without you having to worry about them yourself.

Current investment info and reports

  • You receive regular market updates from us during the year in which our experts at Swiss Life Asset Managers analyse the markets and investment themes relevant to you. In addition, you receive regular, transparent reports on your investments in the individual thematic modules.

Extended mortgage offer

  • As a Swiss Life Delegate Prime customer, you benefit from exclusive access to mortgages from our partner Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank.

Delegate Prime treatment

  • We appreciate your trust and thank you for it with a high-quality service. With your personal insurance advisor, you can access the whole of Swiss Life’s expertise via a single point of contact.

Make an appointment for a consultation

Want to learn more about Swiss Life Premium Delegate, or do you have questions? We would be pleased to provide you with more information – in a personal and non-binding consultation.

More about the product

The minimum deposit is CHF 250 000 with the stipulation of increasing to CHF 500 000 within three years.

The core investment is broadly diversified, globally invested and actively managed with a risk-aware approach.
You have access to our proven and successful SL Premium Delegate concept, which we have been using since 2016.

Focus on Swissness
Local endeavour is close to your heart. Your investment is centred on successful Swiss companies.
Benefit from the characteristics of our economy, such as stability, quality and efficiency.

Focus on opportunity
You have your finger on the pulse and are investing in a strategy that uses attractive opportunities and invests, for example, in up-and-coming regions, attractive asset classes and innovative, global forward-looking themes. In doing so, you benefit in particular from Swiss Life's research expertise.

Focus on the environment
Make a positive contribution to the common good and select a strategy that pursues ambitious and transparent sustainable investment objectives with impact funds.

You will find more detailed information on the core investment and the three investment themes in our information sheets.

The value of the fund units is subject to cantonal wealth tax, fund yields are subject to income tax. Net capital gains from private assets are tax free.

We work with the following partners:

Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd

Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd is one of Switzerland's largest institutional asset managers.

Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG

Founded in 1868, Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG has a wealth of experience and expertise in the investment and pensions business, with real estate and in private banking. It is licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is a member of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA). It is also responsible for account and custody account maintenance. 

Product comparison

  • Customise your asset management with forward-looking modules.

    Swiss Life Premium Delegate Prime

    • Delegate investment decisions
    • Actively managed fund portfolios
  • Relevant investment themes according to your personal preferences

    Swiss Life Premium Preference

    • Select preferred investment theme
    • Six investment themes
  • Invest in a first-class fund

    Swiss Life Premium Define

    • Select investment funds yourself
    • Various individual funds

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