Invest your money for the longer term and benefit from potential returns on the capital market. You make a one-off investment in a security-oriented and a return-oriented instrument.

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    A secure income is the objective of 61% of Swiss.

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    One out of four Swiss is optimistic about their financial future.

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    The longer the investment horizon, the more sense it makes to have high equity exposure.

In brief

You invest a one-off amount in the Swiss Life Premium PayoutPlan and determine how it is paid out. The capital is placed in a security-oriented and a return-oriented investment. In order to comply with your risk profile at all times, we regularly shift the money from a return-oriented to a security-oriented investment. You determine the payout amount, its frequency and the duration yourself.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Optimal mix of stability and return potential: your money is invested in two ways: a security-oriented investment for incremental use and a long-term, return-oriented investment for future payouts.
  • Superlative investment skill thanks to the longstanding expertise of Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd: Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd selects the first-class fund investments, including proprietary Swiss Life funds, according to clearly criteria, and subjects them to active monitoring. Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd has proven investment expertise – going back over 160 years.
  • The invested capital is fully available at all times: you remain flexible and self-determined: you can withdraw the capital at any time or make additional payments. You can also determine the amount and frequency of payouts, or defer them, whenever you like.

Please do not hesitate to arrange a consultation!

Do you want to learn more about Swiss Life Premium PayoutPlan, or do you have questions? We would be pleased to provide you with more information – in a personal and non-binding consultation.

More about the product

It is placed in a security-oriented and a return-oriented investment and paid out in accordance with your instructions.  

  • Security-oriented investment: this investment is broadly diversified and stability-oriented with a focus on minor fluctuations. It consists of an income strategy fund. The regular payouts are made from the security-oriented investment.
  • Return-oriented investment: the investment consists of several equity funds from various providers invested in global equities. It has a longer-term investment horizon and is intended to generate an additional return.

Depending on your personal risk profile, you can choose from two investment strategies, Balanced and Growth. The percentage split between the security-oriented and return-oriented investments depends on which investment strategy you select. Both investments deploy low-cost unit classes in CHF.

Automatic reallocations are performed between the two investment vehicles.

The payouts are made from the security-oriented investment, which is subject to fewer fluctuations and serves to finance the payouts. As a result, the percentage split of the security-oriented investment diminishes over time.

As soon as the security-oriented investment has fallen to a given percentage (threshold), the composition of the fund portfolio is returned to the defined start allocation. An automatic reallocation is made from the return-oriented to the security-oriented investment, thus making money available for the next payouts. With the remainder of the money you continue to participate in the capital market and enjoy attractive potential returns.

As soon as the total value of the fund portfolio is expected to suffice for a maximum of two more years, the total value amount of the fund portfolio is reallocated to the security-oriented investment. This further reduces the value fluctuations towards the end of the term and makes the investment more stable.

In contrast to a life annuity, payouts are not subject to income tax.

The recommended minimum term is 15 years.

You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payouts.

Product comparison

  • Two in one – regular payouts and potential returns

    Swiss Life Premium PayoutPlan

    • Flexible payout plan
    • Actively managed investment funds
    • Potential returns
  • Guaranteed regular supplementary income – for life

    Swiss Life Calmo

    • Lifetime pension
    • Tax-privileged payouts
    • Attractive guarantees
  • Enhance your future provisions with a guaranteed supplementary income

    Swiss Life Calmo IncomePlan

    • Payout plan and pension
    • Tax optimised
    • Guarantees and potential returns

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