Protect yourself and your loved ones from financial worries – with property or asset insurance.

A broken window, a dent in your car in the parking garage or a suitcase that doesn’t arrive at your destination – it can happen all too quickly. So it’s all the better to be comprehensively insured against minor losses like these – and bigger ones as well.

Together with our partner Vaudoise, we offer you property and asset insurance – for every aspect of your life.

Choose the solution that best meets your needs.

  • Swiss Life Building

    So you can be sure your residential or commercial property is secure at all times: Swiss Life Building offers comprehensive insurance coverage – without any superfluous extras.

  • Swiss Life Avenue

    Security everywhere you go: with Swiss Life Avenue motor vehicle insurance, you and your vehicle will be well insured. Select the insurance cover that best meets your needs.

  • Swiss Life Home In One

    We want to make your life easier. That's why Swiss Life Home In One includes three types of insurance: household contents, liability and buildings. So you can be sure you’re covered optimally both at home and when you’re out and about.

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