Security everywhere you go: with Swiss Life Avenue motor insurance, you and your vehicle will be well insured. There are three options: Basic, Plus and Premium. You choose the insurance cover that best meets your needs.

In a nutshell

Assemble your motor insurance flexibly according to your needs:

  • Mandatory liability insurance
  • Comprehensive or third-party cover
  • Passenger insurance

In the event of a loss, Vaudoise’s professional expertise guarantees straightforward and speedy processing.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Climate: Swiss Life Avenue promotes environmentally friendly vehicles with green rates.
  • Personal possessions: in addition to theft, property damage is also covered.
  • Retention fee for liability: no additional retention fee for young and third-party drivers listed in the contract.
  • Assistance service: a range of free services, such as trip cancellation insurance.
  • Parking damages: parking damages are included in the coverage for collision damage. The retention fee is identical.
  • Life-long bonus: the bonus coverage guarantees you a life-long minimum premium as long as you have been insured at the lowest premium level for longer than two years.
  • Driver assistance systems: we offer discount rates for vehicles that have an electronic system for increased safety when driving. 

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More about the product

The three versions differ in terms of the scope of cover.

Basic: The most important cover, at a fair price

Plus: The complete offer for comprehensive cover

Premium: Top cover, with nothing left to wish for

You can compare the three versions using our Swiss Life Avenue fact sheet.

Third-party insurance covers vehicle damage for which you are not responsible (theft, fire, natural hazards, broken glass etc.).

In addition to the cover provided by third-party insurance, comprehensive insurance also covers vehicle damage as a result of a collision.

Mandatory liability insurance covers personal injury and property damage that you cause to other people with your vehicle.