How do you expect to retire – gradually, early or a few years later? How can you save on taxes and optimise home financing? Start planning your finances for later early on and take advantage of financial planning to ensure a longer self-determined life.

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    Those who plan are more financially confident

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    2/3 of Swiss have a household income of over CHF 6000/month

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    42% of Swiss want to be financially independent

During a personal consultation, our experts will first conduct an analysis of your current life situation with you, including your financial plans and goals. All key issues will be discussed: optimising your pension benefits (comparison of a pension versus a lump-sum payment), your desired retirement age, a review of the affordability of your home and possible tax optimisation measures.

The result will be a clearly readable document containing your individual calculations and analyses – your personal financial plan. It will also include the comparison calculations you request regarding various scenarios as well as specific recommendations to optimise your financial future – which may provide you with a roadmap for achieving your wishes and goals. Swiss Life will support you in implementing the plan and advise you now and in the years to come. After all your goals and wishes may change and life doesn't always go the way we plan.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Your financial future is presented to you in a clear, visual format, and we develop individual, tailored solutions for you.
  • You see how your income, expenditures and assets will change through old age.
  • You receive an objective basis for making important financial decisions, such as: what is more advantageous, a pension or a lump-sum payment?
  • Your financial goals and wishes are supported with detailed calculations.
  • You receive various solution options based on your priorities, which you can compare and choose (e.g. comparison of ordinary retirement versus early retirement).
  • We help you with the implementation of your desired solution.

Plan your finances optimally!

Are you interested in personal financial planning from Swiss Life, or do you have questions?

More about the product

  • Overview of changes to your income, expenditures and assets from now to when you are older
  • Comparison calculations: ordinary retirement, early retirement, partial retirement and deferral of retirement
  • Detailed comparison of pension or lump-sum payment
  • Tax optimisation
  • Asset optimisation
  • Overview of income and expenditures if your partner dies
  • Optimisation of real estate financing (including affordability calculations)
  • Pension analysis (if required)
  • Comprehensive action plan with proposed solutions
  • Individual description of the planning results and the various options

During an initial free consultation, our experts discuss your financial situation with you. We also speak with you about your personal needs and your wishes and goals. This serves as the basis for the next steps.

We analyse your financial situation based on your needs and wishes and offer you a range of solutions. Of course, we will help you choose the right solution and implement it.

  • A clear presentation in graph and table format of your future income and expenditures, the change in your assets and your taxes with potential optimisation measures
  • Comparison calculations of scenarios based on your wishes: e.g. retirement at 63 or at 65, or a comparison of the change in your assets and taxes if you take a pension or a lump-sum withdrawal
  • A staged plan based on your needs: the staged plan is tailored to your personal income and liquidity management as well as your goals and wishes, and is presented in a clear manner.
  • Comprehensive action plan: the individual action plan supports you over the long term and shows when you should initiate which measures. These include making a pension fund purchase, taking out accident insurance with your health insurer when you retire, registering for AHV benefits or refinancing your mortgage.
  • Individual description of the planning results: the description includes comprehensive optimisation recommendations for all financial topics related to pensions and retirement.
  • A pension analysis (if required) with an overview of income and expenditures in the event you become disabled as well as the expected benefits if you die and in old age 

CHF 2,800

Inheritance and succession planning

Round out your financial planning with personal inheritance and succession planning.