Planning to retire early or want to know how financially secure you and your family are? Advisory products from Swiss Life offer an overview.

The products range from personal pension and financial analysis to pension planning and comprehensive financial planning.

Which advisory product is the best fit? Select your personal area of interest:

  • Swiss Life financial planning

    How do you expect to retire – gradually, early or a few years later? How can you save on taxes and optimise home financing? Start planning your finances for later early on and take advantage of financial planning to ensure a longer self-determined life.

  • Personal pension and financial analysis

    Do you and your family have enough protection in case something happens to you? Will you be able to cover expenses if you become ill or suffer an accident? How can you reach your wishes and goals more quickly? An analysis can answer these questions.

  • Pension planning

    Many key questions related to retirement must be asked early on: what will your income and expenditure situation be, and would you prefer a pension or a lump-sum payment? With the help of a comprehensive overview, you can plan the important steps now.

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