Benefit from attractive interest rates and – with a Swiss Life insurance policy – additional preferential terms and conditions. Remain flexible, even with a long-term contract, as there are no costs for early termination of the contract if you sell your home.

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    40% of Swiss own residential property

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    The average term of a Swiss Life mortgage is ten years

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    Swiss Life has invested CHF 30 billion in real estate

Do you dream of owning your own home, or do you want to replace your current mortgage?

Swiss Life provides you with comprehensive information about home ownership and mortgages. With our attractive mortgage solutions, you will find the right financing for your property.

Adding one of our retirement savings policies offers even more advantages: with the Home Option or Option Complete optional supplements, you will benefit not only from a favourable mortgage rate, but also from attractive tax advantages and risk protection against disability or death.

Comparison of Swiss Life mortgages
Fixed-rate mortgages
For high planability and budget security
LIBOR mortgage
Benefit from the current low interest rate environment
Variable-rate mortgage
For maximum flexibility
  • Fixed interest rate for a fixed term
  • Interest rates set on the basis of the money market
  • Variable interest rate and an unlimited term
  • Protection against rising interest rates
  • As an addition to fixed-rate mortgages
  • No fixed term
  • Clear budgeting
  • Terms of between three and five years
  • Direct amortisation possible
  • Terms of up to 25 years
  • Conversion to a fixed-rate mortgage possible every three months
  • Can be converted to a fixed-rate mortgage at any time

Current mortgage interest rates

Attractive financing conditions for your apartment or home with a Swiss Life mortgage

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FAQs about mortgages

All of the key information related to home ownership and how to finance it can be found here.

Calculate the amount of the mortgage you can afford based on your budget.

  • Properties in Switzerland with a broad market and good resaleability
  • Owner-occupied single-family houses and condominiums used as a main residence
  • Multi-family houses with at least four residential units
  • Office and commercial buildings

The following are not financed:

  • Holiday homes and holiday apartments
  • Building land and building projects (building loans)
  • Properties with substantial renovation needs and a limited market
  • Direct amortisation: with a variable-rate mortgage, you can amortise the mortgage debt directly at any time with a notice period of three months.
  • Indirect amortisation: with a pillar 3a or 3b product, you’ll save assets for the subsequent amortisation with an annual contribution. Upon expiry of the contract, these assets are used to reduce the mortgage. This method is especially advisable for repaying a fixed-rate or LIBOR mortgage. In addition, with a pillar 3a product, you’ll also enjoy tax advantages.
  • For details, see the fact sheet (in German).

With an owner-occupied home, the second mortgage must be amortised within 15 years or by the time you reach age 65.

In the case of an early withdrawal or a pledge of second pillar assets (BVG), Swiss Life can request an additional amortisation.

If you pay off your fixed-rate mortgage before expiry of the agreed term, Swiss Life, as the creditor, will calculate the amount of the early repayment penalty individually.

Exception: if you sell your property before expiry of the agreed mortgage term, Swiss Life will not charge