You can integrate Option Complete on conclusion of a contract in your Swiss Life Dynamic Elements savings and risk insurance. It lets you raise your risk coverage if things change and offers preferential conditions for Swiss Life fixed-rate mortgages.

In a nutshell

Option Complete is the right choice if you are looking to raise your risk coverage without undergoing a detailed medical examination when your circumstances change. You can use the option when you acquire a home, marry, have your partnership registered, become a parent, whether by birth or adoption, or embark on self-employment.

We also offer you a Swiss Life fixed-rate mortgage at preferential conditions when you purchase an owner-occupied apartment or home.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Upon the occurrence of one of the events mentioned, you may increase an insured lump-sum death benefit by up to CHF 100,000, a disability annuity or annual premiums by up to CHF 5000.
  • You receive Swiss Life fixed-rate mortgages at preferential conditions if the criteria for a mortgage have been met.
  • When you conclude a Swiss Life fixed-rate mortgage, the available surrender value of your insurance will be counted in full as equity, thus further reducing your financing costs.

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Affordability calculator

The Swiss Life affordability calculator can help you determine whether your dream home is in your budget. You can easily calculate the loan amount you can afford: