As life expectancy grows so too does the probability of needing care at some stage in your life. In this eventuality, the long-term care pension insurance provided by Swiss Life offers you financial security as well as valuable support.

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    To date, each generation has been living seven years longer than the preceding one

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    57% of those in need of long-term care above the age of 65 are in an old age or nursing facility

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    One year of old age or nursing home in Switzerland costs an average of CHF 107,000.

In a nutshell

If you do require care, Swiss Life ProtectCare will pay you a pension – for the rest of your life, including if you get dementia or don't require full-time care.

The integrated benefits of Care Assistance include a full range of nursing services. You will receive useful information from inception of the insurance. If you do need care, we will also provide special aids and services, such as a home emergency call system or transport services.

Your benefits at a glance

  • A unique combination of pension and care services
  • Effective protection of your assets
  • The guarantee of financial independence and an adequate standard of living in the event you need care
  • A pension, which you also receive if you suffer from dementia or require part-time care
  • A pension whether you
    • stay at home or go into a nursing home
    • receive care from relatives or professionals
    • are cared for in Switzerland or abroad

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More about the product

The amount of the pension depends on the level of care required, which is assessed based on six everyday activities, such as moving around and washing.

  • If you need assistance with three everyday activities: 50% pension
  • If you need assistance with four everyday activities: 75% pension
  • If you need assistance with at least five everyday activities: 100% pension

Other criteria apply in the event of dementia and a full pension is always paid.

With Care Assistance, you have phone access to expert partners. These partners can provide you with advice on all care-related issues and questions and help arrange and provide you

with a range of services including

  • special aids including provision and installation of these aids
  • delivery of medical supplies
  • transport to doctor’s appointments, treatment arranged by the doctor and official appointments
  • Spitex and home support
  • shopping and meal service
  • looking after dogs and cats

providing addresses and information on services, such as care homes, care services, psychologists and therapists.

The pension payments begin six months after you start needing care.

The length of the deferment depends on the cause of the need for care:

  • Accident and illness: no deferment period
  • Dementia: three years from commencement of the insurance

If the need for care, or the cause of the need for care, begins within the deferment period no benefits will be provided and the premiums will be refunded.