With Swiss Life Tree (pillar 3b), a form of whole life insurance cover, you can ensure that your survivors do not have any financial concerns.

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    The life expectancy of a woman is an average of 3.8 years higher than that of a man.

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    Free choice of beneficiary/ies

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    Guaranteed benefit in the event of death

In a nutshell

Have you already thought about what would happen after your death? Will your spouse or partner be able to stay in your home? Where will your business partners find the money to continue your business? How can you be sure not to leave your children with debts?

The solution: Swiss Life Tree. With this whole life insurance, you determine the amount of the death benefit at the start of the contract. Your beneficiaries receive this sum when you die. Swiss Life Tree has no fixed contract term and you benefit from whole life insurance cover.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Security: in the event of death, you provide financial protection for your family or other people you care about.
  • Death cover: you enjoy death cover your whole life long.
  • Immediately available: as soon as you pay your first premium, your beneficiaries will receive direct payment of the full guaranteed lump-sum death benefit if you die.
  • Beneficiaries: freely selectable
  • Pledge and assignment: possible. This ensures that you are able to meet your obligations (e.g. loans).
  • Additional option: waiver of premium in the event of disability
  • Taxes: no income tax, but, depending on the canton, inheritance tax after deduction of an exempt amount, which is based on the degree of relationship 

Make an appointment for a consultation

Would you like to know more about Swiss Life Tree, or do you have any questions about it? We would be pleased to provide you with more information – in a personal and non-binding consultation. We would also be happy to advise you by video instead of in the General Agency or at your home.

Product comparison

  • Financial security for your survivors

    Swiss Life Tree

    • Term life insurance
    • Lifelong risk cover
    • Constant premiums
  • Protection against the financial consequences of disability and death

    Swiss Life Protection

    • Death or disability income insurance
    • Fixed-term risk covers
    • Constant premiums