You decide amount and timing of the contributions yourself as part of the tax-qualified provisions – plus how much goes into a pillar 3a account and how much into securities. Optional risk protection allows you to opt for added security at any time.

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    Save up to CHF 2000 in taxes annually

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    60% of the working population regularly pays into the 3rd pillar

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    Attractive, affordable investment solutions with convincing long-term returns

In a nutshell

Swiss Life 3a Start offers you a reliable and flexible way to plan for the future: combine your investment in securities and on account as you wish. This allows you to have the security of an interest-bearing account with the higher potential returns that securities offer. As a result, you have the greatest possible flexibility for your contributions. And depending on your needs, you can also add the risk protection offered by insurance cover.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Save on taxes: You can deduct your contributions from your taxable income. The assets are taxed at a reduced rate when they are paid out.

  • Flexible contributions: there are no fixed contributions – you determine when and how much you want to contribute.

  • Flexible distribution: you determine what share of your contributions is invested in securities and what share is credited to your account. You can change this distribution at any time.

  • Flexible savings target guarantee: depending on your needs, you can add, remove, increase or decrease the savings target guarantee.

  • Attractive net returns: the Swiss Life 3a Start pension savings custody account uses Swiss Life Investment Foundation investment groups that are otherwise restricted to institutional investors, which enables especially attractive net returns.

  • Stable interest rate: the current interest rate is 0.1%.


Make an appointment for a consultation

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More about the product

  • You choose how much of the contributions go into an account and how much are invested in securities

  • Contributions are possible up the annual maximum amount in pillar 3a; invest in attractive securities solutions with low fees
  • Guarantee of the savings target in the event of inability to work due to illness or accident

  • Flexible addition or removal of the guarantee possible

  • The level of the guarantee can be selected and changed flexibly 

Yes. The annuity is subject to tax like a normal pension in the event of inability to work.

Yes, individuals may open multiple Swiss Life 3a Start accounts.

The following strategies are available with Swiss Life 3a Start:

BVG-Mix 15: The strategic equity component is 15%, with a maximum of 20% invested in equities.
BVG-Mix 25: The strategic equity component is 25%, with a maximum of 35% invested in equities.
BVG-Mix 35: The strategic equity component is 35%, with a maximum of 45% invested in equities.
BVG-Mix 45: The strategic equity component is 45%, with a maximum of 50% invested in equities.
BVG-Mix 75: The strategic equity component is 75%, with a maximum of 85% invested in equities.

You can determine the investment strategy that matches your risk capacity and appetite by creating an investor/risk profile together with one of our advisors.

Yes, under some circumstances it is possible to pay your pension assets out early:

  • Early withdrawal (or pledge) for home ownership purposes

  • If you leave Switzerland permanently (emigration), with restrictions related to EU/EFTA countries

  • Five years before reaching normal retirement age at the earliest

  • If you become self-employed

  • Switching from self-employment to a different form of employment

  • Receipt of a full disability pension from disability insurance

Product comparison

  • Promising 3a bank savings with flexible savings target guarantee

    Swiss Life 3a Start

    • Tax advantages
    • Free choice of payment schedule and amount
    • Savings target guarantee optional
  • Promising savings with guarantee

    Swiss Life FlexSave Duo

    • Guarantees and potential return
    • Benefit from index developments
    • Protection of profits
  • Fund-linked savings offering potential return and risk protection

    Swiss Life Premium Vitality Duo

    • Good potential return
    • Defined payment schedule and amount
    • Free fund selection