Our SwissFEX platform enables us to compare a large number of mortgage offers from different providers. Thanks to this large selection, we can find the best solution for you during the consultation.

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    Independent offers

    We make the offers comparable for you. You decide from which providers the financing should take place.

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    Comparable interest conditions

    By depositing the credit models of all providers, individual interest rates can be compared in real time.

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    Reduction of your workload

    Submit the documents only once and get access to exclusive offers from different providers.


SwissFEX in a nutshell

SwissFEX is a mortgage brokerage platform developed in collaboration with Swiss Life. Thanks to their collaboration with various mortgage providers, our advisors are able to compare various offers and interest rates directly with you and embed them into comprehensive advice.

SwissFEX’s financing partners include major and regional banks, insurance companies, pension funds and investment funds. The partner network continuously adapts to developments in the mortgage market. This ensures you have a selection of the right partners and offers for your individual situation and that you receive the best interest rate.

Take out a new mortgage

With the mortgage check, you can receive mortgage offers from different providers for different terms in just a few clicks.

Replace existing mortgage

Our virtual assistant (ViBe) will help you clarify your initial questions about replacing a mortgage and obtain new offers for your existing mortgage. You receive mortgage offers from different providers for different durations.

Swiss Life mortgage interest rates

You can see at a glance all the terms and the associated interest rates for Swiss Life mortgage and Swiss Life Green Mortgage.

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