The second half of life brings new challenges and opportunities: find a new focus, shift your interests or spend more time on something you’re already working on. Preparing for retirement is a major challenge, but a major opportunity as well.

  • 55% of Swiss are afraid they will not have enough money in their old age

  • 60% of people between 50 and 60 own residential property

  • More than 80% of “Best Agers” live in a partnership, the majority in a common household

Topics related to your retirement


What is the best way to plan my retirement?

The sooner you start dealing with the subject of your retirement, the more options you’ll have. Timely planning is especially important if you are considering early retirement. Find out which steps you need to keep in mind here. 


What options do I have for optimising my taxes?

Tax optimisation is an important topic in the second half of life as well. Saving for retirement is particularly well suited for this purpose. Learn here which other options you have for optimising your taxes.

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