Most home buyers are particularly keen to know about the interest conditions when tak-ing out a mortgage. They are looking for the most favourable interest rate or want to compare interest rates. Strictly speaking, however, such a comparison is not possible, as each financing arrangement is assessed and offered individually.

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    36% of the Swiss own residential property

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    54% of homeowners deal with mortgage interest rates once a year

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    92% of all homeowners finance their home with a mortgage

How the interest rate on your mortgage is calculated

The value of the property, your assets and the affordability of your mortgage play a major role in determining the specific interest conditions on your mortgage. You can expect better conditions for a property that offers good value in terms of its quality and if you have a solid income and sufficient available assets. However, the amount of interest also depends on the date the transaction is executed. This is due to constant fluctuations in interest rates. These can deviate significantly upwards or downwards
within a few days.

And you can benefit from Swiss Life as an independent mortgage broker. We support you in finding the ideal time for fixing the interest rate. You can choose the right mortgage from Swiss Life’s financing options and those of other providers in a self-determined manner.  

This is how mortgage interest rates have developed in the past ten years.


How our mortgage platform SwissFEX works

The best mortgage with Swiss Life

We work out the best mortgage on the basis of your personal situation. With the SwissFEX platform, we can find the best product for you from among the mortgage offers of various providers – even during your
consultation. We take into account your criteria such as purchase price, available equity and personal requirements – for customised offerings. Together with your advisor, you select the the financing offer that best suits you.

Your advantages with Swiss Life as an independent mortgage broker: 

  • Independent offers: We enable you to compare offers from various providers and create transparency. You decide in a self-determined manner from which provider we should obtain offers and where the financing should take place 
  • Saving time when researching: We can show you many offers in parallel – live in the office, at your home or digitally via video call 
  • Preferential conditions for mortgage offers: We can often exclusively negotiate better conditions than you would otherwise receive.
  • Real-time calculation of interest conditions: Once the framework conditions have been adjusted, new conditions will become available immediately.
  • Self-determined and protected: We ensure that you can continue to finance your home in the event of financial misfortune.

We will be pleased to answer your questions.

Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Consultation for mortgage comparison

Our experts at Swiss Life and Swiss Life Select would be happy to advise you on the best interest rate for your mortgage – at a location of your choice or online by video.

We can find the best interest rate for you from the offers of various providers. With SwissFEX we can make you offers from the following partners. 


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