Moving abroad is a big change that can’t be planned at the last minute. Take sufficient time to prepare for this new stage of your life and do as much as you can in advance.

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    10.6% of all Swiss citizens are registered abroad.

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    Leaving Switzerland can result in gaps in pension coverage.

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    Most Swiss living abroad live in France.

Plan far ahead if you’re thinking about emigrating

When you leave Switzerland, you will have lots of new and exciting experiences ahead of you. How good it would be then if you can rest assured that your financial provisions are in safe hands.

Do you know:

  • what will change in terms of your statutory, occupational and private pensions?
  • how you and your family will be insured abroad in the event of death or disability
  • what options you have to invest your capital securely and with a good return

Experience shows that gaps often arise in pension coverage. This is not necessarily bad. It is important to be aware of your current situation so that you can take suitable measure to fill any gaps.

AHV and BVG when emigrating

Who is covered by AHV?
AHV is general and compulsory public insurance that covers everyone who lives or works in Switzerland.
Wer ist bei der AHV versichert?

More details – see

Am I covered by occupational pension benefits when I’m abroad? 
When you leave Switzerland you are no longer protected by a pension fund, which is an elementary component of the pension system. Especially for those with medium to high incomes and a large pension fund, the second pillar is an essential income source in old age, in the event of death or disability.

AHV in Switzerland
AHV is compulsory public insurance that covers everyone who lives or works in Switzerland. The maximum retirement pension is CHF 42 660 for married couples and CHF 28 440 for unmarried individuals (as of January 2020). The requirement for receiving the maximum amount is a seamless contribution period from the age of 20 and an average salary of around CHF 80 000.

Current benefits

Will you receive comparable protection abroad?
If not, you are responsible for building up your own pension provisions so you can maintain your standard of living later in life. Seeking advice early in good time will help prevent unpleasant surprises.


AHV in EU/EFTA countries
EU/EFTA countries have their own compulsory insurance schemes. As a result, the Swiss AHV system cannot be continued in these countries.

AHV in non-EU/EFTA countries
In general, insurance coverage is not regulated by the government, or the level of coverage is much lower than in Switzerland. For this reason, you can voluntarily continue Swiss AHV coverage in most cases. Information can be obtained from Swiss embassies and consulates.

Can I have my pension assets paid out?
If you emigrate to an EU/EFTA country, you can only request withdrawal of the supplementary portion of the second pillar; the mandatory portion must be left as a basic pension provision. If you plan to emigrate to a non-EU/EFTA country, you can request withdrawal of your entire pension assets. However, this step must be thought through, as it will reduce your pension provisions substantially.

You are living abroad and are subject to another pension regime.

Do you know:

  • how well mandatory pension provision is regulated in your new country?
  • what specific benefits you can expect to receive?
  • what options you have to invest your capital securely and profitably?
  • how much and how secure your retirement provisions are?

We would be happy to assist you and show you your options based on your personal situation.

Perhaps you’re returning to Switzerland after your work abroad has ended, or you found a new professional challenge in your home country. In both cases, the following issues are central:

You are retired:

  • Do I have enough assets to spend my retirement in Switzerland?
  • How high are my living costs in Switzerland?
  • What is my AHV position – do I have the maximum pension or are there contribution gaps?
  • What financial investments are secure but at the same time offer a high yield?
  • Should I buy or rent a home?

You are still working:

  • How do I invest my pension fund assets in Switzerland?
  • Can I make voluntary purchases in my pension fund?
  • Do I have AHV contribution gaps that I can fill in?
  • Private provision (pillar 3a and 3b) – what are the advantages?
  • How can I cover my risks?

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Pension and financial analysis

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Important issues when emigrating

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We can offer you advice to meet your personal needs: from a free initial consultation to a detailed analysis to a tailored solution.