Secure and individual income to supplement your AHV and pension fund benefits: with Swiss Life Calmo, you’ll be able to cover your ongoing expenses and treat yourself to something special every now and then with any returns.

In brief

If you’d like to have retirement income that can be planned flexibly and is guaranteed and that gives you the financial flexibility to enjoy life’s extras both large and small, then Swiss Life Calmo IncomePlan is an ideal solution. This modern retirement savings concept combines a payout plan (Swiss Life Calmo Income) with a lifelong annuity (Swiss Life Calmo Pension). So you’ll have the flexibility you need to structure things as you want. Furthermore, this combination offers a more advantageous level of taxation than a traditional annuity.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Financial security: you receive a guaranteed income throughout your life. No matter how long you live and how the capital markets develop.
  • Optimised income: you benefit from attractive potential returns with annual profit protection.
  • Financial flexibility: depending on your needs, you can withdraw part of your investment in a self-determined manner at any time.
  • Flexible design options: you can develop an individual income solution by combining a payout plan and annuity to suit your needs.

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More about the product

Swiss Life Calmo IncomePlan can be adapted flexibly to your requirements:

  • You determine the amount of guaranteed income you receive in two phases (until age 90 and from age 90 on).
  • You select the starting date of the income payments based on your needs.
  • You can contribute additional funds during the term – for example, from the flexible investment – in order to increase your guaranteed supplementary income.

The flexible investment is part of the Swiss Life Calmo IncomePlan. Unlike other forms of life insurance, you can withdraw this portion of your funds at any time at no charge and fulfil any spontaneous wishes in a self-determined manner. Participation profits are automatically credited to your flexible investment, increasing the amount available to you at no charge. You can also use funds from the flexible investment to increase your guaranteed supplementary income.

Your invested capital will be professionally managed and invested in an index basket comprised of well-known indexes. Any participation profits will boost your flexible investment. Thanks to annual profit protection, any profits that have already been credited to you will be preserved, even when the markets do not perform well. You can count on our experience: Swiss Life has been managing insurance and savings deposits for 160 years and has an excellent track record in this business.

The key period for participation is from 20 May until 19 May of the following year (“participation year”). At the end of a participation year, the current level of each index in the index basket is compared with its level at the beginning of the participation year. If the level at the end of a participation year is higher than at the beginning, this results in a positive amount for the index participation. The index basket’s performance is then determined by adding the individual positive contributions according to their weighting in the index basket. If an index does not achieve a positive performance, it is valued at 0.

The qualifying annual index performance for the individual indices is capped.
This value is independent of the market environment and can be adjusted annually as at the participation key date.

For the period from 20 May 2024 until 19 May 2025, the maximum annual qualifying index performance is 8%; the participation rate (share of the mathematical reserve upon which index participation is based) is around 40%.

The index basket during this period is comprised of: SMI: 20% / S&P 500: 20% / EuroStoxx 50: 20% / Nikkei: 20% / FTSE 100: 20%.

With Swiss Life Calmo IncomePlan, there is no stamp duty. You receive periodic payments from Swiss Life Calmo Income until age 90. Only the income in excess of your initial investment and any supplementary payments are subject to tax. From age 90, your pension payments from Swiss Life Calmo Pension are 40% taxable as income.

Product comparison

  • Enhance your future provisions with a guaranteed supplementary income

    Swiss Life Calmo IncomePlan

    • Payout plan and pension
    • Tax optimised
    • Guarantees and potential returns
  • Guaranteed regular supplementary income – for life

    Swiss Life Calmo single premium – pillar 3a

    • Lifetime pension
    • Tax-privileged deposits
    • Attractive guarantees
  • Guaranteed regular supplementary income – for life

    Swiss Life Calmo single premium – pillar 3b

    • Lifetime pension
    • Tax-privileged payouts
    • Attractive guarantees