Do you want to invest your money securely and profitably? Swiss Life Champion Advance combines the potential returns of a unit-linked investment with the security of Swiss Life guarantees.

In brief

Ideal for self-determined investors: Swiss Life Champion Advance is a unit-linked life insurance product with guarantees. Your money is invested in a Swiss Life fund portfolio.

You receive a guarantee of 95% on your single premium at the start of the contract. If the fund assets reach at least 100% of the single premium on an annual effective date, the guarantee rises to 100%. The guarantee can then increase further in 5% increments if the fund assets are at least 5%, 10%, 15% etc. above the single premium on the effective date. The achieved guarantee can therefore rise or remain the same – but will never fall.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Potential returns: the professional management of the fund portfolio by Swiss Life Asset Managers opens up attractive potential returns.
  • Guarantees: you start with an initial guarantee of 95% on your single premium. If the fund portfolio performs positively, your guarantee can gradually increase to over 100%.
  • Tax advantages: all income upon expiry of the contract is tax-exempt if you meet the minimum requirements (for investors domiciled in Switzerland).
  • No medical examination: no medical examination is required for this product.
  • Further insurance advantages: You also profit from a guaranteed death benefit, free choice of beneficiaries and inheritance and bankruptcy privileges. How you can provide for a self-determined future.

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More about the product

The current fund assets are compared with the single premium at the outset of each new insurance year. If the fund assets are equivalent to the single premium for the first time on the annual effective date, the guaranteed endowment sum is increased to the amount of the single premium. The guarantee can then increase further in 5% increments if the fund assets are at least 5%, 10%, 15% etc. above the single premium on the effective date. During the first year of the contract, this increase is limited to the amount of the single premium; in subsequent years, the limit increases by another 5% of the single premium with each additional year of the term.

The fund portfolio is comprised of around 60% bonds with a high credit rating and around 40% internationally diversified stocks, with a focus on Switzerland. 

The single premium must be at least CHF 100,000.

Product comparison

  • Attractive investment opportunities with the security of life insurance

    Swiss Life Champion Advance

    • With guarantee
    • Predefined fund portfolio
    • Opportunity to increase guarantee
  • Optimise return on investment and save on taxes

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort

    • Tax-optimised investment
    • Select from three fund portfolios
    • Earnings protection possible
  • Unit-linked investments offering potential return and risk protection

    Swiss Life Vitality

    • Free combination of funds
    • Large selection of funds
    • Allocation to individual funds possible