Invest your vested benefits flexibly – the perfect solution if you have (temporarily) ended or limited your employment or have become self-employed.

In brief

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunities on the financial markets and invest your vested benefits in a way that offers higher potential returns? Then our securities solution is ideal for you.

We place your vested benefits in low-cost and efficient securities investments offered by the Swiss Life Investment Foundation. This allows you to benefit from conditions that are otherwise reserved for institutional customers.

You remain flexible: you decide whether your contribution goes into a vested benefits custody account (securities) and/or a vested benefits account (account deposit). You can change your decision at any time and divide the amount between the two accounts.

Current interest rate: 0.2%

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More about the product

  • BVG-Mix 15: The strategic equity component is 15%, with a maximum of 20% invested in equities.
  • BVG-Mix 25: The strategic equity component is 25%, with a maximum of 35% invested in equities.
  • BVG-Mix 35: The strategic equity component is 35%, with a maximum of 45% invested in equities.
  • BVG-Mix 45: The strategic equity component is 45%, with a maximum of 50% invested in equities.
  • BVG-Mix 75: the strategic equity component is 75%, with a maximum of 85% invested in equities.

You determine the strategy that suits your risk capacity and appetite together with an advisor or by using the risk profile. 

The account or custody account is maintained at Lienhardt und Partner Privatbank AG in Zurich.

You decide how your contribution is split between the investment in securities and an account credit, and you can change this split at any time.

You can have your vested benefits paid out early in certain cases:

  • Early withdrawal (or pledge) for home ownership purposes
  • If you leave Switzerland permanently (emigration), with restrictions related to EU/EFTA countries
  • Five years before reaching normal retirement age at the earliest
  • If you become self-employed
  • Receipt of a full disability pension from disability insurance