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Swiss Life Premium Choice

Information on adjustments in fund offerings

The portfolio of your Swiss Life Premium Choice investment solution contains the fund

Swisscanto (LU) PF Green Inv Inc AA CHF (ISIN LU0343771381).

In the course of a reorientation of the entire Swisscanto fund range, it has been integrated into the following fund as of 9 August 2018:

Swisscanto (LU) Bond Sustainable Gl Credit (ISIN LU1813279012)

The fund management company exchanges the fund units of the previous fund for units of the new fund.

Investors continue to participate in a sustainable and globally invested bond portfolio, hedged in CHF, following the exchange. The new fund has a similar investment structure and a risk profile comparable to that of its predecessor. For detailed fund information see the key investor information document (KIID).