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Documents, Downloads and Forms for HR

All Swiss Life publications available for download

Our forms will help you carry out a wide range of transactions involving your occupational benefits, quickly and easily.

Please complete and duly sign the form below and send it to the following address:

Swiss Life
P.O. Box
CH 8022 Zurich

Important information

The forms can be completed online. To be able to use this functions you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or a newer version. The latest Acrobat can be downloaded for free.

Please ensure, that when you download the file it doesn't open in your browser's own PDF viewer. Instead choose to open the form in Acrobat reader as a default application for PDF(note the info bar at the top of the browser window). Please note that it is not possible at the present time to save the completed form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. For that you need Adobe Acrobat Writer.

Please fill the form on your screen. Then print it out on your printer and sign it before sending it to the above address.  If you prefer to carry out your adminstration electronically you can sign up for our customer portal Swiss Life myLife. Please contact your advisor or customer services for more information and to sign up.