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Personal insurance cover and employee provisions are existential and thus obligatory. That applies as much to the smallest companies as to SMEs. At Swiss Life, you can find flexible solutions to suit any type of SME as well as every need.

Swiss Life Payroll Services

Salary administration for companies

In addition to your duties as an entrepreneur you are also responsible for your employees, who expect a correct, easily comprehensible salary statement and the timely payment of their salary – even though you may have other priorities, or may be prevented from taking care of it yourself.

This means for you not only a recurring administrative effort but may in certain situations also require specific specialist know-how. With Swiss Life Payroll Services we offer you a complete outsourcing solution.


The “RELAX” carefree package, for example, includes not only the preparation of salary statements by our team of specialists but also the entire data synchronisation and correspondence with third parties (such as employee benefits institutions, social security administration offices, withholding tax offices and the like).

What advantages does RELAX offer you?

There are some very good reasons to use an external salary administration, namely:

  • You need only report your data to one body. Swiss Life performs coordination and data synchronisation with the pension fund administration and all other bodies involved;

  • You incur no costs for a payroll software;

  • You only pay for what you actually need – Swiss Life bills its costs per salary statement;

  • Swiss Life experts not only provide your salary administration, they also deal with AHV revisions and ensure legal compliance.


Swiss Life Payroll Services gives you the freedom to take care of what really matters, and all for a fair price. You have control over the costs of salary administration at all times.

What is more, we offer you a range of supplementary HR services that you can book as modules. AbaClik, for instance, lets you offer your employees a modern tool for the quick and easy registration of expenses or working hours. And with our HR Dashboard you always have the key figures on your headcount at your fingertips.

If you do not want to outsource your salary administration at the moment but are interested in a professional software solution, then the “Run” package is for you. In the event of a resource bottleneck at your company we can always temporarily take over the entire payroll process for you.

See the flyer for a complete description of the packages we have on offer.

You deserve personal advice relating to your specific circumstances.


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