Under the leadership of Roland Schmid, the management of Swiss Life Pension Services Ltd. brings together the top specialists in their field. Thanks to years of experience advising clients of every size and category, our team has accumulated a great deal of expertise in all situations encountered by pension funds and benefit programmes.

Roland Schmid

Swiss accredited Pension actuary and actuary SAA

Managing Director

Phone +41 43 284 44 56

Roland Schmid has over 25 years of experience with occupational pensions, of which 15 were spent with the largest pension fund advising and administration firm in Switzerland. As a result, he knows how both autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds ought to be managed. His clients include public law employee benefits institutions and SMI pension funds as well as Swiss SMEs doing business in Europe and around the world. Roland Schmid is a member of the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries and president of the examination board for pension actuaries.

Ursula May

Swiss accredited Pension actuary

Swiss accredited pension fund manager

Head of Pension Consulting

Phone +41 43 284 38 68

Ursula May has some ten years' experience in occupational provisions. During her time with an established pension fund advising firm, she primarily gained experience with autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds (company foundations as well as collective and common foundations). With her knowledge, she has supported these bodies in liquidations, changing the pension fund model and ALM studies, and has also guided clients with actuarial and legal issues. In addition, Ursula May is involved in training future pension actuaries. She is active in the association which provides free information to members of pension funds. Ursula May is a member of the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries and of the Swiss Association of Actuaries.

André-Pierre Schmidt

Economist, swiss accredited pension fund manager

Customer Service Manager

Telephone +41 43 284 34 36

André-Pierre Schmidt brings more than fifteen years of experience in pension fund management and administration. In the last ten years, André-Pierre Schmidt has managed the technical, organisational and personnel aspects of various large and well-known pension structures and helped to position them as leaders in their market. Thanks to continuing education in the social insurance sector, with a particular emphasis on occupational benefit provision, he is very familiar with the legal, accounting, insurance and investment aspects of pension funds. In addition, he has participated actively as a highly renowed specialist in various specialised projects throughout Switzerland.

Nicole Dettwyler

lic. phil. nat.

Head of French-speaking Switzerland

Phone +41 21 329 22 67

Nicole Dettwyler has over 16 years of experience in advising, administering and the operational management of pension funds. Thanks to her wide range of duties at the largest pension fund advising and administration firm in Switzerland, she has longstanding experience with the issues facing autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds. Nicole Dettwyler has handled independent administration and expert mandates for autonomous pension funds in German, French and English. She also headed an administrative team and led a number of Switzerland-wide management projects. Simultaneously, Nicole Dettwyler was project leader on setting the technical foundation for BVG 2000, 2005 and 2010.

Zsolt Kukorelly

Swiss accredited Pension actuary

Head of Client Solution

Phone +41 43 284 49 36

Zsolt Kukorelly has over ten years’ experience in advising autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds. His earlier career included working as an actuary for well-known collective foundations. As managing director of a consultancy, Zsolt Kukorelly expanded the actuarial calculation services according to international accounting standards. At the same time, he launched and oversaw the development of new services.