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Experts and advisors

Your strong advisor in the background. We set great store by partnership when working with our clients. We are passionate about achieving the best possible results for you. Together we develop solutions for your pension fund.

Actuarial advice

Our actuarial advice is comprehensive:

  • Funding concepts, plan design
  • Profit and loss analyses
  • Risk analyses, reinsurance requirements and concepts
  • Optimisation of occupational benefit concepts
  • Restructuring concepts
  • Advice and support for mergers, (partial) liquidation and distribution plans
  • Benchmark studies
  • Analysis of occupational benefit obligations within the framework of mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence audits
  • Dynamic and customised indicator system as a management instrument for your pension fund

Actuarial activities required by law

The activities required by law are carried out by accredited pension actuaries. All our actuaries are recognised by the supervisory oversight commission for the occupational pension system (OAK). We prepare comprehensive, well-structured actuarial reports for statutory audits with clear audit certificates and recommendations.

Pension Governance

We analyse all the processes in your pension fund and help you recognise timely your strengths as well as your areas for improvement.

Legal advice

We support your pension fund with all legal issues and problems.


We provide customised training for the members of your board of trustees and for your employees working in the area of occupational benefits

Local and international accounting standards

The compilation of calculations and reports in accordance with IFRS (IAS 19), US-GAAP (ASC 715-30) and Swiss GAAP FER 16 & 26 is one of our core competencies. Specialists discuss with you the actuarial and economic assumptions, the results of calculations and their implications for your accounts. The relevant key figures in the balance sheet are of course also projected into the future if required.