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General information

No offer and no advisory relationship

Our website, with its data, information, references, documents and tools, is primarily intended for the presentation of our company and our products and services. The data given here are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute any kind of legal, fiscal or business recommendation.

None of the suggestions, checklists, models, recommendations, profiles or calculation examples contained therein constitute offers for taking out contracts or invitations to submit a tender, but are intended only to illustrate possible insurance or financing solutions. Tables, charts, information sheets, overviews, automatically generated calculations including those of a fiscal nature, evaluations etc. are not binding and are intended to serve only as guidelines, except in the case of online offers or quotations specifically designated as being binding.

Accessing our website in no way creates any customer relationship with Swiss Life, nor does it constitute
the basis for an advisory relationship.

Future developments and external influences

All data, information and recommendations contained on our website, specifically those of a forward-looking nature, are based on the current state of knowledge at the date of creation and are provided to the best of our knowledge and belief. Figures shown in overviews, tables, graphic illustrations and information sheets may be based on estimates and forecasts. If or when additional or new information becomes available, such data and information can be updated. However, Swiss Life is not obliged to update data and information on an ongoing basis. Data, information and recommendations can also be influenced by particular factors such as changed market trends, currency and stock market fluctuations, changes in the competitive environment as well as in the political, social, legal and regulatory framework conditions, which are beyond Swiss Life's scope of influence. No binding recommendations or definitive conclusions may therefore be derived from any statements contained on this website. Historical performance is no guarantee of future developments.

No warranty

Swiss Life takes great care to ensure that the information contained on its website is correct and up-to-date. However, Swiss Life neither explicitly nor implicitly guarantees that the data, information and references on its website, as well as the website's functions, are at all times correct, complete and available. The data and information are provided by Swiss Life on an "as is" and "as available" basis.

Swiss Life does not guarantee technically faultless and uninterrupted access to its website, nor can it guarantee that use of the website will not lead to other technical problems. Moreover, Swiss Life does not guarantee that its website does not contain viruses or errors.

Accordingly, no liability shall be accepted for any use of this website and, in particular, no suitability for any particular purpose or marketability is guaranteed. 


Your use of the internet or this website, respectively, as well as of any further links, hyperlinks and web addresses and their content, is entirely at your own risk. This also applies to e-mails you send to Swiss Life via non-secured channels or that you receive from third parties fraudulently on behalf of Swiss Life. Swiss Life, and the cooperation partners it engages for operating the website, accept no liability whatsoever for direct or indirect loss or damage incurred by users of the website or by third parties as a result of contacts or transactions made via the internet. In particular, they shall not be held liable for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the data, information and content shown or transmitted via the internet.

Linked websites

Swiss Life makes no assurances in connection with third-party providers' websites that can be accessed via a link on this website. Information contained on third-party websites is independent of Swiss Life’s own information. Links, hyperlinks and web addresses leading to one or more other websites are for information purposes only and in no way imply that Swiss Life assumes responsibility for the content of such websites or approves of their content or use. These legal notices and terms of use apply only to the website operated by Swiss Life; in the case of linked websites of third-party providers, the terms and conditions of use of those websites apply.


Swiss Life is to be held entirely harmless for any damage of any kind arising from the use of its website and the contents or services accessed through it, for non-fulfilment of these legal notices / terms of use and for any allegations that the use of the website or of its content or services offered through it infringes third-party intellectual property rights. 

Internet security / e-mails and phishing


Despite various technical security measures, the use of the internet and computer systems entails risks. Accordingly, end-users are encouraged to take appropriate precautions. Among other things, browser settings must be securely configured, virus protection systems must be installed, software must be kept up to date by installing the latest updates and patches, passwords must be kept secret and special care must be exercised when opening websites and e-mails and their attachments.

It is also recommended to regularly delete your browsing history (including cookies and cache) and not to react to possible spam messages so as not to encourage spamming.

Persons using our website do so always at their own risk.

E-mails and phishing

Normal (unencrypted) e-mails sent over the internet are not secure and may be lost or intercepted, viewed and/or changed by third parties in Switzerland or abroad.

For further information on contacting Swiss Life, please refer to our "Security information for Swiss Life customers".

Third parties may send so-called phishing e-mails for the fraudulent acquisition of data and information (possibly by means of spam e-mails), text messages or messages via social media or other communication channels, in some cases unlawfully using Swiss Life names or logos. Websites may also be recreated in order to retrieve personal data and information.

E-mails and other messages may have unsafe attachments or links containing viruses, malware or other harmful content. You should refrain from opening attachments or links of unknown or suspicious origin or downloading files from e-mails. In addition, you must take care as to which websites you visit. Sensitive personal data and information as well as passwords may not be disclosed or forwarded. Passwords must also be changed regularly. 

Data protection and data security

Swiss Life may process your personal data in order to provide the website, to make the services, information, tools, documentation and functionalities integrated therein accessible, to analyse user behaviour and to generate personalised advertising. Please refer to the separate website privacy policy for all details regarding the processing of your personal data (including our Cookie Policy and Cloud Computing notes). This is available at: "Privacy policy". 

Copyrights, trademarks and logos

Our website contains proprietary names as well as images and information, brands, logos and company names that are protected by copyright. All rights to these remain with Swiss Life or the relevant rights holder. The applicable laws on the protection of intellectual property prohibit any copying or use of the content mentioned, either in full or in part and including the Swiss Life logo.

No data, information, pictures or references on our website may be copied, reproduced, altered, distributed or used in any way whatsoever without the explicit written consent of Swiss Life, unless Swiss Life has expressly permitted such use for specific purposes (e.g. downloads). Use of the website is not to be construed as the granting of any licence by Swiss Life. Furthermore, the systematic and regular (technically supported) retrieval of content from our website without the written consent of Swiss Life is prohibited.

If you would like to apply for approval to copy information contained on this website that is not freely available for use, please contact Swiss Life. Where copying is permitted, such copies must bear the corresponding references to copyright and other proprietary rights of Swiss Life or, as the case may be, any existing references to such rights must be retained in unchanged form.

Licence for distribution

Headquartered in Zurich, Swiss Life is licensed to market its products in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. If you would like to receive information about the conclusion of contracts by persons resident outside Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein, we recommend you contact a local Swiss Life office in your vicinity or one of our branch offices or subsidiaries through our website

Right of modification

Swiss Life reserves the right to amend these legal notices and terms of use at any time and without prior notice.  

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These legal notices and terms of use as well as all legal relationships arising from the use of this Swiss Life website are governed by substantive Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich (Switzerland). 

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General information

Swiss Life Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Swiss Life") provides private individuals with web-based functionalities and services in the form of an individual portal (web application) under the name Swiss Life customer portal. Any communication via the portal is carried out via an encrypted, secure and authenticated internet connection. Swiss Life also enables the customers of Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd to use the web application by contractual agreement. 

The Swiss Life customer portal is available at the following URL:

The Swiss Life customer portal can be used by all private individuals of legal age ("users") who have successfully completed the registration procedure for the portal. Users also include legally authorised third parties.

The use of the Swiss Life portal is governed by these conditions. By accessing the Swiss Life customer portal, the user declares his or her consent to these Terms and Conditions of Use and acknowledges their binding effect. In the interests of readability, no simultaneous use is made of the language forms masculine, feminine and other (m/w/o). The designation of persons applies equally to all genders.

Services of the Swiss Life customer portal

The services offered by Swiss Life through the Swiss Life customer portal comprise use of the web application with its functions, the exchange of information between the user and Swiss Life and its administration and partner systems, the provision of various information guides (e.g. online web videos) and any applicable documents as well as the user support for the portal.

The user can see data in Swiss Life customer portal, perform calculations or simulations, change identity and address details and complete certain transactions or subscribe to a product. The user does not have direct access to the administration systems of Swiss Life or its partners.

The services currently offered by the Swiss Life customer portal can be seen online. They can be extended or reduced by Swiss Life at any time. A planned temporary or permanent reduction or expansion of the range of services is notified to users promptly and in an appropriate format.

How Swiss Life customer portal works

Users can specify their insurance relationships (employee benefits, individual insurance, etc.), asset management mandates or other contractual relationships (e.g. as a mortgage customer) with Swiss Life, a Swiss Life group company or its partners, to be recorded in the Swiss Life customer portal in a domain only accessible to them (“user account”) by selecting these or by retaining or deselecting insurance, asset management - and/or other contractual relationships. 

Only the personal data and other data from the Swiss Life administration and partner systems required for the services of the Swiss Life customer portal are stored in the web application.

The data in the web application is maintained at the same level as the data in the Swiss Life management and partner systems that are not directly accessible to the user.The data in a user account can only be viewed by the respective user and authorised persons within Swiss Life Ltd or Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd. Swiss Life accepts no liability for any losses incurred by users as a result of disclosure of their user data.

Security standards

Swiss Life and the service providers it commissions (providers) carry out technical security measures in accordance with the latest international standards to protect the data they store. The web application for the Swiss Life customer portal facilitates technical protection of the individual user's data in line with current customary security standards and the current state of the art. The security of the Swiss Life customer portal is continually reviewed, updated and improved in order to ensure adequate protection of user data against unauthorised access or loss.

The services offered by a professional and certified provider are comprehensively protected in accordance with state-of-the-art technology against internet threats (e. g. from hackers) and data theft and in terms of their security level generally have a higher standard than average IT infrastructure operated on a purely internal basis. The provider commissioned by Swiss Life has been certified in accordance with various security standards, including ISO 27001 and ISO 27018.

Use of the internet

Swiss Life takes the security and uninterrupted operation of the Swiss Life portal very seriously. Despite the best efforts of Swiss Life and/or the providers it commissions, the security, uninterrupted availability, topicality and confidentiality of the data displayed and/or transferred via the Swiss Life customer portal cannot be fully guaranteed due to the open nature of the internet. Use of the Swiss Life customer portal and internet is therefore at the user's own risk. The user is advised to take some extra precautions to increase security (firewall, virus protection, security patches etc.) and to activate the security settings on the hardware and software they use as recommended by the manufacturer.

The use of Swiss Life customer portal and the storage of data and documents on the user's work stations take place at the latter's own responsibility.

Scope of use

The Swiss Life customer portal is essentially available to the user at all times. Nonetheless, permanent availability may be restricted at times due to the nature of the internet or because of maintenance work. The Swiss Life customer portal is intended for simple, non-exclusive and non-transferable proper use. This comprises, but is not limited to, calling up, transferring, downloading, saving and reproducing data and information and using programmes, and programme parts, within the user's own system as allowed by these Terms and Conditions of Use. Any other use of Swiss Life customer portal is prohibited.

The Web application provided to the user and any accompanying material remains the sole property of Swiss Life. Any further rights such as commercial rights, copyright and all rights of use not explicitly transferred to the user also remain with Swiss Life and/or the owners of the property rights to the software.

Maintenance and support

The Swiss Life customer portal is continuously maintained and updated as and when necessary. Maintenance work and updates are carried out as far as possible during off-peak hours. The availability of the Swiss Life customer portal cannot or can only be guaranteed to a limited extent during maintenance and update work. Swiss Life accepts no liability for any losses arising from disruptions to or restrictions in the availability of the Swiss Life customer portal.

Duties and obligations of the user

In order to use the Swiss Life customer portal, the user must have the required standard of hardware and software needed to connect to the internet (internet-compatible configuration) ("work station") and especially a browser supported by the Swiss Life customer portal.

The user undertakes not to misuse the Swiss Life customer portal or its associated (IT) services and functionalities. The user expressly undertakes to refrain from intentionally disrupting the Swiss Life customer portal and not to disrupt, alter or damage internet access or other networks. This includes not sending any unauthorised advertisements or other unwanted messages (spam), viruses or other malware. The user undertakes to observe third-party rights when using the Swiss Life customer portal (e.g. copyright or trademark rights), not to infringe any legal provisions and not to transfer any illegal or unethical content or to refer to such content.

Any disruption or other damage to the Swiss Life customer portal, whether intentional or due to gross negligence, through the improper use of work stations or software is prohibited.

Swiss Life reserves the right to block individual access to the Swiss Life customer portal if the user uses the web application in an unlawful or contractually prohibited way, if his or her work stations jeopardises the smooth operation of the Swiss Life customer portal or if blocking serves to protect the user's data.

Login identification and authentication

All users complete a registration procedure the first time they register for Swiss Life customer portal. The registration procedure guarantees the secure creation of a user profile with entry of the user's personal details and verification of his or her mobile phone number.

The user account is activated following validation of the identity and address details of the user via a mobile network provider. The user agrees to the details provided by him or her being used for validation. Should validation not be possible, the user will be issued with an activation code by post.

Alternatively, the user can also register by drawing on an existing user profile held with an external provider, for example Facebook or Microsoft.

Following initial registration, the Swiss Life customer portal is accessed by entering the user name and personal password. Furthermore, a single-use security code must be entered at each login that is sent to the user by SMS or e-mail.

The security features are assigned individually and are non-transferable. Disclosure to unauthorised third parties is prohibited. The user is liable for the security and confidentiality of the security features. Should a user discover that his or her individual security features have been obtained by a third party without authorisation or are used by a third party without authorisation, he or she must notify Swiss Life of this immediately by e-mail to the following address:


Notification is deemed to have been duly provided once Swiss Life has confirmed the message by e-mail.
Swiss Life considers each person identified via the individually assigned security features, as a legitimate user of all the services offered in the Swiss Life customer portal; that applies in particular to requests to conclude transactions and subscribe to a product. Swiss Life accepts no liability for damages resulting from unauthorised use or use exceeding the allocated authorisation of the security features or web application.

Data protection

Please refer in this regard to the separate privacy policy. These can be found on the websites of Swiss Life (Swiss Life Ltd: and Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd:

Handling of incorrect or fraudulent data

Only the Swiss Life administration and partner systems or information and documents provided via the internet or in another format and the data and information about the user in the Swiss Life customer portal can be used for all simulations, enquiries, calculations, requested completion of transactions and for subscribing to a product in the Swiss Life customer portal. No claims shall arise in respect of Swiss Life, companies in the Swiss Life Group or its employee benefits institutions (e.g. Swiss Life Collective BVG Foundation) or towards partners and providers of Swiss Life in the event of manipulations of the system or of the software provided by Swiss Life or of the security settings, data and information or in the event of the provision of incorrect data or the forging of data by the user or third parties. Manipulations will also result in criminal and civil proceedings.

Exclusion of liability

Swiss Life rejects, to the extent that it is legally entitled to do so, all liability for any losses that the user may incur from the use of or as a result of the use of Swiss Life customer portal.

In particular, Swiss Life provides no guarantee of unimpaired access to Swiss Life customer portal, uninterrupted internet access or for the accuracy, actuality and completeness of the content of the data, information or documents offered, processed, made accessible on the internet or transferred by itself, its partners, the user or third parties. Swiss Life assumes no liability for direct or indirect damage incurred by users or third parties as a result of contacts or transactions made via the internet or by inaccurate or falsified data and information in the Swiss Life customer portal.

The user is directly responsible for the security and functionality of the hardware and software used by him or her. Losses incurred by the user, Swiss Life or third parties as a result of defective work stations or software of the user shall be borne by the latter.

Under no circumstances shall Swiss Life be liable for any losses arising as a result of force majeure or because of unforeseeable or temporary circumstances or circumstances for which Swiss Life is not responsible (e.g. because of official or statutory orders, a breakdown of communication networks, power supplies, etc.). Furthermore, Swiss Life shall not be liable under any circumstances for direct, indirect or consequential damages (such as lost profits or third-party claims) caused by the user or third parties.

Termination of use

The use of the Swiss Life customer portal can be fully terminated by the user at any time. In this case, the access identification will be forfeited.

Swiss Life and the user reserve the right to initiate immediate full termination of the use of Swiss Life customer portal in the event of a serious breach of contractual obligations.

Web analytics/cookies

The Swiss Life customer portal can send cookies to the user’s work station, which are then stored there. A cookie is a string of data that is used to automatically collect data about the use of a website. This data also includes the IP address (Internet Protocol address) of the user, similar, in terms of its function, to the user’s telephone number. Data received via cookies is primarily used for the management, quality assurance, collection of demographic data and to monitor the use and efficiency of the Swiss Life customer portal. As well as cookies being stored, server-side tracking is used. With server-side tracking, tracking events are sent to a server. These events are forwarded to the analytics server. Before an event is forwarded to the analytics server, further information is added for marketing purposes. Data collection and processing takes place anonymously on the analytics server. The data cannot be used to identify individuals.

If the cookie feature is disabled on the user’s work device, or the corresponding filters are used, it may not be possible to properly retrieve or receive all information and data via the Swiss Life customer portal. Swiss Life does not accept any liability for any losses resulting from such limited use.


Swiss Life websites and Swiss Life customer portal contain proprietary names as well as images, information and brand and company names that are protected by copyright. Their reproduction and use is prohibited by the relevant applicable law for the protection of intellectual property.

No information contained on Swiss Life websites or in the web application Swiss Life customer portal may be copied, reproduced, distributed or used in other ways in whole or in part without the explicit consent of Swiss Life, unless Swiss Life has expressly permitted use of the information or data in question for a specific purpose (e.g. download of forms).

Further provisions

Swiss Life reserves the right to change, restrict or add to the range of services and functions of Swiss Life customer portal and these terms of use at any time. They particularly reserve the right to make adjustments due to technological, administrative or actuarial changes and adjustments due to legal, official or judicial requirements.

Changes to the terms of use will be published in the Swiss Life customer portal.

Legal notices and terms of use apply in addition to these terms of use ( and

Swiss law applies. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

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