The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide you with transparent information about how and for what purpose your personal data are processed when you access or interact with the website (e.g. using our online contact form or online calculator).

1. Introduction

Swiss Life Ltd (hereinafter "Swiss Life" or "we") takes the protection of your privacy and personal data extremely seriously. The relevant principles of data protection legislation and other regulatory requirements accordingly apply in everyday practice at Swiss Life.

This includes ensuring that Swiss Life adequately and consistently protects your personal data and safeguards the confidentiality, integrity, availability, traceability and proportionality requirements when processing your data.

Please find below an overview of the processing activities involving your personal data in connection with the website.

This description is not exhaustive. Further information on data protection in relation to individual products, business activities and the processing of your data in connection with the provision of advice and support can be found at

2. Controller and data protection officer

For the purposes of data protection law, Swiss Life Ltd, General-Guisan-Quai 40, P.O. Box, 8022 Zurich is responsible for processing personal data in connection with use of the website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding data protection law, please contact the Swiss Life data protection officer at the following address:

Swiss Life Ltd
Data Protection Officer
General-Guisan-Quai 40
P.O. Box, 8022 Zurich


3. Processing of personal data when you visit our websites

3.1 General information

You can visit our website without having to disclose your personal data, such as your name or e-mail address. In this case, we will be able to assign the data collected in connection with the use of our online services (further information about this can be found below; e.g. an IP address and information about the content accessed; together referred to as online data) to clearly identified visitors, but not to specific persons known by name. In this sense, online data is not personally identifiable. In addition to this processing, we will be able to establish a connection between you and non-personal online data.

We process your personal data that you make available to us when communicating with us or using one of the applications on the website (e.g. contact form, offer request, premium calculator, chatbot) or that we receive from third-party sources such as information from social media or the internet concerning your person or data in connection with the use of third-party websites and online services if such use can be attributed to you.

3.2 Log data

Specific data, so-called log data, is generated every time an online service is used. This data is stored automatically to ensure the functionality and security of the website.

It includes the following data in particular:

  • IP address of the PC, tablet, smartphone etc. used (end device);
  • Details of the internet service provider;
  • Details of the operating system of the end device and the browser used;
  • Details of the referring URL (origin);
  • Date and time of access, time zone difference from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and approximate location;
  • Access status/HTTP status code, volume of data transferred in each case;
  • Website from which the request comes, content retrieved.

As mentioned in section 3.1 above, log data, including IP addresses, is generally not personal in itself.

3.3 Cookies and other behavioural data

We collect further data about your behaviour in connection with the use of our online services. For this purpose, we use cookies, for example. These are small text files that are stored in the browser or on the end device and read whenever the online service is accessed again. Cookies usually contain an anonymous identification number so that we can recognise returning visitors as such, and further information about the behaviour of visitors or settings in the online service. Depending on the purpose of use (see section 4), a distinction can be drawn between strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies and marketing cookies.

  • Strictly necessary cookies: Certain cookies are necessary for the functioning of the online service.
  • Performance cookies: We use cookies to collect and analyse information about the use of our online service in order to improve the content and presentation of our online service and tailor it to users (see section 5). These cookies may also remain stored after a visit.
  • Functional cookies: These cookies facilitate the provision of enhanced functionality and the personalisation of form fields, for example.
  • Marketing cookies: We and our advertising partners use marketing cookies to record accessed content and other actions within the online service (see section 6).

If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you can configure your browser so that it generally does not accept cookies from us or you are notified whenever a cookie is placed. You can also delete existing cookies. Information on this can be found in the help menu of your browser. Our online service will then remain usable, but certain functions may not be available or may only be available to a limited extent. You can also install a browser plug-in that tells you if and when third parties access your browser.

Other technologies have a similar purpose to cookies and can also record behaviour within the online service.

Tracking pixels are invisible graphic files that are embedded in a website or e-mail via an encoded link from a server that records the call-up to the page in question and the data transmitted via the link. This also allows behaviour within the online service to be recorded.

Please note that when you visit our online service from outside Switzerland, we only collect the online data necessary for the online service to function. We do not collect further online data by means of cookies or other technologies as long as we are able to identify the geographical origin. To enable us to make this distinction, we also collect data about your approximate location.

Detailed information about our cookies can be found in the cookie settings :

3.4       Disclosed personal data

As a rule, you can use our online service without disclosing any personal details. However, if you provide us with personal data via an online service (e.g. contact form, offer request, premium calculator, chatbot), we will process the data provided..

4. Processing purposes

When you use the website, Swiss Life processes your personal data for the following purposes in particular:

  • Statistical collection and optimisation of user experiences (e.g. tracking of visitors to the website, statistical evaluations to further develop our services, gauge the attractiveness of our services and optimise and improve user satisfaction with the website);
  • Safeguarding the functionality and security of the website (e.g. to ensure IT security, ward off possible attacks and optimise website functionality and content). For this purpose, we use cookies in some areas. These make it easier for you to use our website;
  • Fulfilment of statutory and other legal requirements (e.g. from self-regulation, industry standards, official instructions and internal requirements, e.g. to meet disclosure and information obligations, for archiving, handling complaints and other notifications, monitoring communication);
  • Market research, product development and improvement of our services (e.g. analysis of the use of our services, evaluation and improvement of existing products and development of new products). For this purpose we process, in particular, your master data, but also communication data and information from customer surveys, other surveys and studies and other information, e.g. from media monitoring services, from the media, from social media, from the internet and from other public sources.
  • Marketing and customer relationship management (e.g. transmission of information and advertising from us and from or for third parties, e.g. as a newsletter or printed matter, when targeting existing customers, holding customer events and competitions, personalising information and advertising). In particular, we use master data, communication data, behavioural data and preference data for this purpose. You may object to processing for marketing purposes at any time by notifying us or revoke any consent you have given to this. Further information on your rights can be found in section 13.
  • Communication: We use online data to communicate with you via electronic channels. For this purpose, we process both the content of the communication and log data about the type and time of the communication.
  • Additional purposes: e.g. in connection with communication with you, particularly for responding to enquiries, internal administration, training and education, data archiving, IT management, safeguarding of our rights, evaluation and improvement of internal processes, statistics and research, safeguarding of other legitimate interests.

“Processing” means any handling of personal data, e.g. its collection, storage, use, disclosure, deletion and automated evaluation in order to determine preference data, assess risks or conduct statistical evaluations. This also includes profiling, i.e. automated processing for analysis and forecasting purposes (e.g. for customer care and marketing purposes, to combat abuse and to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism).

5. Data recipients

We may disclose data pursuant to section 3, in particular to the following categories of recipient to the extent required for the purposes pursuant to section 4:

• Swiss Life Group companies (for details see;

• Authorities and offices: in connection with the exercise of rights, the defence of claims and the fulfilment of legal requirements, we may disclose online data to authorities, offices, courts and other public bodies, e.g. in the context of official, judicial, pre-litigation and extra-judicial proceedings and in the context of legal obligations to provide information and cooperate. The authorities are solely responsible for processing data about you that they receive from us.

• Internal and external service providers (e.g. IT service providers, address and shipping service providers, marketing, distribution, communication or printing service providers etc.).

• Other third parties such as advertising partners, social media providers, video platform providers and service providers involved in the staging or organisation of events.

These recipients may be based abroad (e.g. for the transmission of personal data when using IT services etc.). Your data may therefore be processed anywhere in the world by countries that do not all have a level of data protection equivalent to Swiss law. We therefore take contractual precautions and generally make use of standard contractual clauses (further information can be found at unless an exception applies (e.g. in legal proceedings abroad, in cases of overriding public interest if the processing of a contract requires such disclosure or you have granted your consent).

6. Information services, contact forms and calculators

Information services
We send our customers in Switzerland electronic newsletters that also contain advertising for our products and services, those of Swiss Life Group companies in Switzerland and those of other companies with which we collaborate. We obtain your consent for this unless we are advertising specific products or services to existing customers.

In this context, in addition to your name and e-mail address, we also process online data and other information about you so that we can personalise the content of our newsletters, including, for example, details of whether and when you open a newsletter and which links you click on and when. To this end, our e-mail marketing provider provides a function based on invisible graphic files that transmit the relevant information when they are loaded from a server via a link. This is a process that helps us to assess the effect of our newsletters and optimise them. You can avoid this measuring activity by configuring your e-mail program accordingly (e.g. by turning off the automatic loading of graphic files).

Contact forms
Should you complete a contact form on our website or send us an e-mail or other electronic message, your details will be stored for processing the enquiry and for any associated further questions and used for the enquiry.

Online calculators
You can use our online calculators to assess your personal financial situation, for example.
Use of these calculators is evaluated exclusively on the basis of behavioural data entered in the calculator voluntarily by the user. When you complete and submit the form linked to the calculator, your details are stored for the processing of the enquiry and any other related questions and used in the context of the enquiry.

7. Evaluations and statistics in connection with the use of our websites

We use service providers to analyse the behaviour of visitors to our online service. These providers may receive log data and other online data from us and use cookies and similar technologies themselves to collect online data about our online service. However, we do not disclose any personal data such as your name or e-mail address to them.

Two of our main service providers are Adobe Analytics and Hotjar. Further information concerning these providers can be found below. Other service providers generally process online data in a similar way:

Adobe Analytics: We use the “Adobe Analytics” analysis service operated in Ireland by Adobe Systems Software Ireland Ltd (Adobe). Performance cookies (section 3.3) record data about behaviour on our online service (duration and frequency of page views, links clicked, geographical origin of access etc.). On this basis, Adobe compiles evaluations of the use of our online service. Information on the privacy policy of Adobe Analytics can be found at . You can disable Adobe Analytics by installing a browser extension via the following link:

Another example of a service performing a statistical analysis of the needs of our users is Hotjar, a service of Hotjar Ltd (Malta). Hotjar uses cookies and other technologies (section 3.3) to collect data about the behaviour of users of our online service and about their end devices, in particular the IP address of the end device (which is only collected anonymously), screen size, device type, information about the browser used and the location (country only), and the language setting of the browser. Hotjar stores this information in a pseudonymised user profile and uses it for evaluations that enable us to gain a better understanding of the needs of the users of the online service, to improve the online service and to tailor it better to the needs of our users. Further information can be found in the “About Hotjar” section on Hotjar’s help page (]

7.1 Online marketing

We and our advertising partners have an interest in channelling advertising towards specific target groups, i.e. in only displaying it to persons to whom we wish to advertise. To this end, we and our advertising partners also use cookies for recording content viewed or contracts concluded. This enables us and our advertising partners to display advertisements that we think may interest you on our website and on other websites that display advertisements from us and our advertising partners. If you consent to the use of these cookies, you will be shown corresponding advertisements. If you do not consent to these cookies, you will not see less advertising, but the advertisements displayed will be less personalised.

Our online service may also use the so-called “Facebook Pixel” and similar technologies provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Facebook”). The purpose of these technologies is to show Facebook advertisements placed by us only to those users of Facebook and partners cooperating with Facebook who have an interest in them or whose characteristics correspond to those we transmit to Facebook for this purpose (e.g. interest in specific topics or products, custom audiences). We can also use them to identify whether users were redirected to our online service via a Facebook advertisement (this enables us to assess the effectiveness of Facebook advertisements for statistical purposes and market research). Further information about this can be found here.

We are jointly responsible with Facebook for the exchange of data that Facebook procures or receives, for interest-based Facebook advertisements and for the personalisation of Facebook functions and content (but not for further processing). We have concluded a corresponding supplementary agreement with Facebook. Users can address data subject requests in connection with the aforementioned joint
responsibility directly to Facebook. Further information can be found here.]

8. Integration of social media platforms

We operate our own sites on social networks and other platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube). If you communicate with us there or comment on or share content, we collect information on this which we primarily use to communicate with you, for marketing purposes and for statistical evaluations (see section 3). The platforms may collect other online data, e.g. log data (section 3.2) and other information. On this basis, they can evaluate how you use our online service (e.g. which content you view, what you comment on, “like” or share etc.) and they can combine this behavioural data with other information about you (e.g. information about age or gender) in order to create profiles about you and compile statistics on the use of the sites. The platforms use this information to personalise advertising and content, for market and user research and to provide us and third parties with statistical user information. The respective providers also collect and use online data for their own purposes, where appropriate together with other data known to them, e.g. for marketing purposes or for the personalisation of content. To the extent that we are jointly responsible with the provider, we conclude a corresponding agreement about which you can obtain information from the respective provider (see below for Facebook).

We process the data we receive from the platforms for the purposes described in section 4, in particular for communication, marketing purposes and market research. We may redistribute (e.g. in our advertisements on the platform or elsewhere) content you post (e.g. comments on public profiles and posts) and we and the provider may delete content in accordance with usage guidelines.

Further information on the processing activities of the platform operators (e.g. in which countries data is disclosed or which rights you have as data subject) can be found in the privacy policies of the providers:

  • Facebook: Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin, Ireland (“Facebook”) is responsible for operating the platform (for visitors from Europe). Facebook’s privacy policy can be found at Facebook offers a feature called “Page Insights”. This allows us to obtain anonymous statistics on the behaviour of visitors to our site (see We are jointly responsible with Facebook for Page Insights. We have concluded an agreement for this purpose with Facebook, which can be found at
  • Instagram: The provider is Instagram Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA, USA. Instagram’s privacy policy can be found at
  • Twitter: The provider is Twitter Inc., One Cumberland Place, Fenian Street, Dublin 2, D02 AX07, Ireland. The privacy policy of Twitter can be found at
  • LinkedIn: The provider is LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin, Ireland. The privacy policy of LinkedIn can be found at
  • YouTube: The provider is Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, Ireland. The privacy policy of Google can be found at
  • Pinterest: The provider is Pinterest Europe Limited, 2nd Floor, Palmerston House, Fenian Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. The privacy policy of Pinterest can be found at

9. Profiling and automated individual decisions

We process online data for the purposes set out in section 4 and to this end analyse it automatically. This also includes “profiling”, i.e. the automated processing of data for analysis and forecasting purposes. Profiling primarily serves marketing and security purposes. We may also create profiles, i.e. combine online data and, where appropriate, other data already known to us (see section 3.1) in order to gain a better understanding of you as a person with your various interests and personal needs.

10. Duration of processing

We store personal data for as long as our processing purposes, any retention periods and our legitimate interests in processing for documentation and evidence purposes require or for as long as storage is technically necessary. The duration of our processing of personal data is therefore based on legal and internal regulations and the processing purposes (see section 4), which also include the safeguarding of our interests, e.g. for asserting or defending claims or for documentation and evidence purposes. Further information on the lifespan of cookies can be found in section 3.2.

11. Data security

We treat personal data and online data confidentially and take appropriate security measures of a technical and organisational nature to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data, to protect it against unauthorised or unlawful processing and to prevent the risk of loss, unintentional alteration, unwanted disclosure or unauthorised access. We are guided by recognised security standards such as ISO 27001. However, security risks cannot be completely ruled out and certain residual risks are unavoidable.
.We use appropriate encryption mechanisms to protect your data when it is transmitted via our online service. However, we can only secure areas that we control. If you contact us by e-mail, you do so at your own risk and consent to us replying to you via the same channel to the sender’s address. If you send us unencrypted e-mails over the internet, they may be accessible, viewable and manipulable by third parties, and data may be lost or intercepted and/or manipulated by third parties. We also take suitable technical and organisational security measures to reduce the risk within our online service. However, your end device is outside the security area under our control. You should therefore inform yourself about the necessary security precautions and take appropriate measures in this regard.

12. Your rights

You have certain rights as defined by the relevant legal conditions and framework which may, however, be subject to certain prerequisites and restrictions:

  • to request information from us as to whether and which data we process about you;
  • to have data corrected by us if it is inaccurate;
  • to object to our processing and to request the deletion of data if we are not obliged or entitled to process it further;
  • to ask us to hand over certain personal data in a conventional electronic format or transfer the data to another controller;
  • to revoke your consent if our processing is based on your consent.

If we notify you of an automated decision in a specific instance, you have the right to state your position and to request that the decision be reviewed by a natural person.
If you wish to exert your rights in respect of us, please contact us, for example by e-mail to (other contact information listed in section 2). In order to rule out misuse, we will need to identify you.

If you do not agree with how we handle your rights or data protection, please let us know as described in section 2. You can contact the Swiss supervisory authority at

13. Restriction of the range of products and services

Swiss Life Switzerland acts exclusively for customers whose head office or domicile is in Switzerland. No marketing or sales activities take place abroad, and our services are intended only for people who live and whose habitual residence is in Switzerland.
Should you be interested in our products as a person domiciled outside Switzerland, we recommend that you contact a representative of the Swiss Life Group near you or a Swiss Life Group company via their website (

14. Updating our data privacy policy

This privacy policy does not form part of a contract with you. We may amend this privacy policy at any time. The version published on this website is the current one.

Last update:  July 2023