Older people are not the ones who can experience a loss of the ability to make judgements, resulting in decisions being made on their behalf by a third party. Accidents and illnesses can also occur during every stage of life. Determine for yourself who will act on your behalf in these situations and how your wishes are to be implemented.

You should also define how your assets are to be distributed in accordance with your wishes in a timely manner.

We’re there for you, even if you need help in fiduciary matters for age or health-related reasons.

Choose the solution that best meets your personal needs.

  • Legal security with Büro-Spitex

    Who will represent you if you are no longer able to make judgements due to illness or an accident? Ensure now that you can make self-determined decisions about your life in such a case.

  • Inheritance and estate planning

    For anyone who wants to pass on their assets in a self-determined manner, in accordance with their wishes: our inheritance advisors develop personal solutions.

  • Relief in everyday life with Büro-Spitex

    In some situations you cannot or do not want to take care of all administrative, legal or financial matters. Our partner Büro-Spitex can help in these situations – it provides support in everyday life and protects the interests of our customers.

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