Swiss Life Premium Comfort is unit-linked life insurance in pillar 3a or 3b financed with a one-time payment. Benefit from attractive potential returns, tax-free income and free choice of equity component.

In brief

With this attractive pension solution you can enjoy your life in a self-determined manner: Swiss Life Premium Comfort is suitable as an investment for available capital and for the reinvestment of 3a assets that have already been contributed (single premium). We have compiled the fund portfolios carefully in accordance with the best-in-class approach with the goal of generating capital returns for you. Thanks to the various options that are available, you remain flexible.

Your advantages at a glance

  • You benefit from positive performance on the stock market and can rely on the specialist expertise of Swiss Life.
  • Your income is tax-exempt.
  • In the event of survival, you receive the value of your fund units plus any Comfort deposit.
  • You remain flexible and self-determined  – thanks to fund portfolio switching and the Comfort deposit.
  • You minimise your risk through annual rebalancing, which ensures adherence to your risk profile. Furthermore, optional entry and exit management enables you to gradually invest and investment disinvest your assets. This evens out the purchase and sales prices.
  • No medical examination is required.
  • You enjoy insurance benefits such as death cover and inheritance and bankruptcy privileges.

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More about the product

Swiss Life is a leading asset manager with over 150 years of experience in managing customer assets. This valuable expertise benefits you as well.

Our experts structure the fund portfolios with the goal of generating capital returns. In doing so, they use the best-in-class approach. This means that they only consider using the investment funds that are the best in their category.

Together with your advisor, you choose a solution that corresponds to your personal risk-return profile and investment horizon.

Each portfolio includes funds that generate regular capital returns – thanks to dividends as well as interest and rental income.

Your advantages:

  • Capital returns increase the value of your investment.
  • If there is market turbulence, these returns have a stabilising effect.
  • Capital returns are usually subject to income tax. However, with unit-linked life insurance they are tax-exempt if certain conditions are met.

  • You can reinvest the distributions from the fund portfolios or accumulate them in your Comfort deposit.
  • You can reinvest your Comfort deposit fully or partially in the fund portfolio.
  • You can switch among the fund portfolios – at no charge and at any time.

You have the option of putting the distributions from the funds in the Comfort deposit. The interest rate on this balance is based on short-term market rates and is currently 0.15%.

Pillar 3a:

  • All pillar 3a assets, including income, are tax-exempt during the contract term.
  • The capital is taxed on payout, but separately from your other income and at a lower tax rate.

Pillar 3b:

  • On expiry of the contract: The payout is exempt from income tax, provided the contract ends after the policyholder turns 60, before the policyholder turns 66 if the contract was concluded with a term of at least ten years and the insured person and the policyholder are the same.
  • During the contract term: only wealth tax is due on the surrender value (at cantonal level only).
  • In the event of death: there is no income tax; inheritance tax may be due depending on the policyholder's canton of residence.

  • You benefit from inheritance and bankruptcy privileges.
  • Your entitlements are always fully protected by the tied assets which Swiss Life is required to set aside by law. These assets are monitored by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).
  • In pillar 3b: possibility of a loan as well as free designation of beneficiaries

Product comparison

  • Optimise return on investment and save on taxes

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort

    • Tax-optimised investment
    • Select from three fund portfolios
    • Earnings protection possible
  • Unit-linked investments offering potential return and risk protection

    Swiss Life Vitality

    • Free combination of funds
    • Large selection of funds
    • Allocation to individual funds possible
  • Attractive investment opportunities with the security of life insurance

    Swiss Life Champion Advance

    • With guarantee
    • Predefined fund portfolio
    • Opportunity to increase guarantee