With pillar 3a you enhance your current provisions, close potential gaps and take advantage of attractive tax benefits.

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  • Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Duo

    This new type of savings and risk insurance (pillar 3a/3b) is modular and can be structured in a number of different ways. It offers an optimal mix of security and returns – thanks to the two intelligently linked savings elements.

  • Swiss Life FlexSave Duo

    Not only does Swiss Life FlexSave Duo offer a guaranteed minimum payout, it also presents attractive opportunities for returns. In years when the stock markets perform well, there may be additional gains due to the participation in the index basket.

  • Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo allows you to save in a tax-optimised manner with professionally managed fund portfolios.

  • Swiss Life Premium Vitality Duo

    Swiss Life Premium Vitality Duo is fund-linked life insurance with attractive return potential. Financed with monthly premiums, it is available in tax-qualified provisions (pillar 3a) or in non-tax-qualified provisions (pillar 3b) (combined provisions).

  • Swiss Life Protection

    Swiss Life Protection protects you against the financial consequences of disability or death.

  • Swiss Life Premium Comfort

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort is a fund-linked life insurance in pillar 3a or 3b with opportunities for attractive returns. At the same time, you also benefit from tax-exempt income.

  • Swiss Life Calmo single premium – pillar 3a

    Swiss Life Calmo is a tax-qualified life annuity. Guaranteed regular annuity payments create predictable financial flexibility for the rest of your life.

  • Swiss Life 3a Start

    You decide amount and timing of the contributions yourself as part of the tax-qualified provisions – plus how much goes into a pillar 3a account and how much into securities. Optional risk protection allows you to opt for added security at any time.

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