Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo allows you to save in a tax-optimised manner with professionally managed fund portfolios.

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    Just under two thirds of the Swiss population has private provisions

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    46% of Swiss would like to put aside a nest egg for their old age

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    Flexibility thanks to a pillar switch

In a nutshell

Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo is the right choice for you if you want to save for the future and earn higher returns. This life insurance with fund investments offers two advantages: you protect your family and yourself and gradually build up your assets. Another benefit is that you enjoy attractive tax advantages.

This is how it works: you invest a fixed amount each month. With Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo, you have four different fund portfolios with a focus on dividends and interest income to choose from. They differ in terms of their equity component and their risk-return profile.

Your best course of action would be to obtain advice from one of our experts. Working together, we’ll find out which fund portfolio best meets your personal return expectations and your desired investment horizon. Towards the end of the contract term, we’ll gradually reallocate your assets into a less risky investment. As a result, they will be less exposed to fluctuations on the market and you can feel more secure.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Potential returns: the experts at Swiss Life Asset Managers review the quality of each fund under several criteria, only including the best funds in the portfolio. So an investment in Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo offers you attractive potential returns. If you are worried about market turbulence, we will move your portfolio assets at your request to a low-risk investment – and then back into your fund portfolio at a later date.
  • Tax advantages: you can deduct the premiums in pillar 3a from your taxable income, and you pay neither income nor wealth tax for the term of the contract. The capital income in pillar 3b is tax-exempt (under certain conditions).
  • Flexibility: the selected fund portfolio can be changed at no cost during the contract term.
  • Simplicity: you don’t have to worry about making investment decisions. The selected fund portfolio is managed by our investment experts in accordance with your investment strategy.
  • Financial protection: with Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo, you protect yourself and your family from financial difficulties due to illness, accident or death.

Make an appointment for a consultation

Want to learn more about Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo, or do you have questions? We would be pleased to provide you with more information – in a personal and non-binding consultation.

More about the product

Each fund portfolio is carefully maintained by Swiss Life. Our investment specialists work on the basis of a best-in-class approach. This means that they only consider using the investment funds that are the best in their category. Swiss Life is a leading asset manager with more than 150 years of experience in investing customer assets. This valuable expertise benefits you as well.


You can put the distributions from the funds into the optional Comfort deposit. The interest we pay on this balance is based on short-term rates.

Pillar 3a:

  • During the contract term: you can deduct the premiums from your taxable income up to the statutory maximum amount. You pay no income and wealth tax.
  • In the event of survival or death: the lump-sum payment is taxed at a reduced rate, separate from other income.

Pillar 3b:

  • During the contract term: the surrender value is subject to wealth tax (only at cantonal level)
  • In the event of survival: you pay no income tax
  • In the event of death: no income tax is due (inheritance tax depending on canton)
  • In the event of survival, the value of the fund units is paid out to you.
  • In the event of death, the current value of your fund units is paid out, with the minimum payout being the guaranteed lump-sum death benefit (if covered). If you become disabled, Swiss Life continues paying the premium for you (if the corresponding option has been selected). You can also conclude supplementary insurance.

Yes. You can switch among the fund portfolios offered at any time and at no charge. You can also move the fund assets to a low-risk investment and back to the fund portfolio – as often as you want and with no time limits.

Yes, you can interrupt premium payments to pillar 3a after three years and to pillar 3b after five years.

With the average cost method, you invest on a regular basis and take advantage of the cost averaging effect. This means that when prices are lower you receive more fund units, and thus benefit more when prices rise. 

Product comparison

  • Tax-optimised saving in pillar 3a/3b

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo

    • Potential return
    • Selection from four fund portfolios
    • Tax-optimised saving
  • Optimum mix of security and return

    Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Duo

    • Good potential return
    • Defined payment schedule and amount
    • Free choice of security level
  • Fund-linked savings offering potential return and risk protection

    Swiss Life Premium Vitality Duo

    • Good potential return
    • Defined payment schedule and amount
    • Free fund selection